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Top Pixel 3 XL Camera Tips & Tricks. After the update. Google Camera version

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In this video am going through the most helpful features that you can get on the Google camera using my Pixel 3 XL.

Features reviewed:
Adjust portrait shots depth of field
Color Pop filter
Top Shot
Google lens
Motion auto focus
Use external mic
Super res zoom
Night sight

Intro music:
Not For Nothing by Otis McDonald

Video music:
Mountain Dub by Gunnar Olsen

Tools used in filming this video & Amazon purchase links:

_______________Camera & Accessories _____________

Canon 200D/SL2
US, UK & Canada:
United Arab Emirates:

Sandisk Extreme 90MB/s DSLR SD Card 64GB Class 10 for 4K:
US, UK & Canada:
United Arab Emirates:

Rode Shotgun Videomic:
US, UK & Canada:
United Arab Emirates:

Rode extension cable for boom arm mounting:
US, UK & Canada:
United Arab Emirates(Not available in Amazon) alt. link:

_______________ Lights _____________

Andoer studio lighting with softbox:
US, UK & Canada:
United Arab Emirates:

2 GVM 480LS-G LEDs:
US, UK & Canada (Closest match):
United Arab Emirates:

_______________ Tripods, Mounts & Arms _____________
Hercules Boom Arm for shotgun mic:
US, UK & Canada:
United Arab Emirates:

Benro SystemGo Plus Aluminum Tripod with Monopod Converstion:
US, UK & Canada:
United Arab Emirates:

VIVO Single LCD monitor desk mount (for mounting the camera in tabletop position):
US, UK & Canada:
United Arab Emirates:

_______________ Decoration _____________

PVC sheets for tabletop filming:
US, UK & Canada:
United Arab Emirates:

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This Post Has 10 Comments


    *HELP! Anybody had this problem? (much less SOLVED it?)*
    My Google Pixel 3 main camera (NOT selfy-cam) will not focus to save my life (*UNLESS* the item is only 4-6 inches away; focus is LOCKED, somehow).

    Tried every camera app on my phone (office lens, open camera, the built-in camera app…) ; tried uninstalling & reinstalling; tried reverting/resetting/changing the settings; tried manual vs automatic photo mode… you name it! Tried starting phone in safe mode, restarting the phone like 50 times…
    Recharging the phone… The lens is definitely not dirty; I cleaned it.

    So the camera will literally focuses on an item that's about four to six inches away. But it will not focus anything further away it's all blurry. Ironically enough the selfie cam actually works still! at least there's that. But the other camera is supposed to be much better resolution… This is the main reason I even bought this darn phone in the first place. FYI: just got the camera in mint condition 3 MONTHS AGO. I have NOT done recent software/app upgrades/installs…

    !ayayay! Anybody had this problem? (much less SOLVED it?)

  2. Stephen Harris

    I couldn't get my Pixel 3 XL to change the focus from the subject to the background & vice versa.

    Also, I couldn't get the focus circle on the screen to follow an object when I moved it around (auto motion).

  3. Ashok Daryanani

    We are looking for someone to create YouTube videos of our tech products in Arabic. Is this something you are well versed with ? Can I have your email address to discuss further?

  4. geekaren

    As a new Pixel 3 user, I found this video very helpful in how you walked through each camera feature. Thank you!

  5. Brett Williams

    FYI, the "poor little kid" is the character "11" from the Netflix original series, Stranger Things.

  6. Ismaeel Darwsh

    Pixel 3 have better camera than mate 20 please pro

    Do can make camera comparison ?

    Thank bro

  7. Ismaeel Darwsh

    Nice video bro

    I like your video

    Some things I have it in my pixel 2 xl
    But don't know

    Thank sooo much bro

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