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Travis Barker Gets Kourtney Kardashian’s Name TATTOOED On Him!

Travis Barker is making his relationship with Kourtney Kardashian pretty permanent as the Blink-182 drummer got her name tattooed on his chest. Kourt shared a pic of the new ink to Instagram.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 48 Comments

  1. blink 4

    Scott cheated on kourtney and now kourtney is happy with travis barker so scott has no chance to be together with her again

  2. Teeter totter

    Oh no if you tat a partner's name on you that's voodoo your relationship won't last that's like writing your name on a jail wall that means you'll be back.. tattooing a name is a big no no .. so I'll be the first to say it was great while it lasted to bad y'all broke up 😂

  3. Meredith

    I feel like this dude is a keeper so im really finally so happy for the only logic kardashian

  4. Malory Browning

    I dont usually say this but I fucking love this couple I think they are perfect

  5. Doris Frazer

    Omg i hope she finds happiness.she is such a good person and a good mother hope she found true luv

  6. Alissa Gonzales

    For those who don't know Travis, he tattoos over old tattoos, so it doesn't matter if they make it or not. 😄
    Either way, clearly they've been having feelings for each other for a long while for him to do it so early.
    Let's not judge.

  7. More importantly than this is the fact you must


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    For behold, the Lord is coming out from his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity, and the earth will disclose the blood shed on it, and will no more cover its slain. (Isaiah 26:21)

    GOD bless. Now's the time to know the LORD Jesus more than ever. Nowadays the things people are supposed to consider good are bad & the things we consider bad are somehow good. GOD have mercy on us all.

  8. Venom Love

    I don't even know who the guy or girl are , sounds like a pair of idiots to me.. Idiots usually find each other in life

  9. N D

    Khole stays near to Travis??? Gosh I am scared. That girl made sure that she creates distance between Kourt and Scott and now I don't want anything to happen to Kourt and Travis becoz of Khole.

  10. Amber Tobar

    Noooooooo…………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Travis😭 why?!!!!

  11. Kesha Jackson

    I fully support them even if people think they look like an odd couple. Kourtney definitely deserves a real man who wants a real Woman

  12. Madeline Kwan

    So bad luck to tattooed someone name on your body. Especially not your kids or parents. But hey love do things to you happy for them.

  13. Mike Cacioppo

    Hey what the heck , maybe he'll get a "face sleeve" next.
    Sorry Travis didn't mean to give you any ideas.🤪

  14. Ian Warren

    She must have some vanny on her for him to do that that quick

  15. Maureen R.

    Once they get a name tattoo it's usually over. She picks the weirdest guys. I thought Travis was gay? Don't even get me started on Scott

  16. Daniel Hernandez

    Lol you have to be the dumbest person to get someone's name tatted on you. Its ridiculous. 😂

  17. Nadine Rody

    Travis is so obsessed with Kourtney Kardashian & I think he's dating her not only because he's obsessed with her but also for money. Kourtney Kardashian can do so much better than him.

  18. Kyla Esqueda

    The most talented drummer wasting it all for someone is the complete opposite of him. * Team Shanna*

  19. Getting somebody's name tattooed on them is bad luck. Every couple I've known who has done that broke up/divorced within a few years. So that was really dumb on his part. Also, he had his ex wife's name tattooed on his arm too.

  20. Gg Jenny

    She finally find a guy who like her back also and they both don’t have huge age gap which make me happy and he ain’t like scroff chasing children age

  21. Soulful Kisses80

    Opposite attract I’m calling it they will last because of the balance…. I love them as a couple!

  22. Steven Robla

    In about 6 months he will belooking for a cover up tattoo. Celebrities date for the publicity/ news worthiness

  23. Fufu issue

    Those will be my first celebrity who I would say “ah they’re cute together ☺️”

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