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Trending: Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are reportedly back together after rumors of their split appeared in the media. Over the weekend, Rodriguez shared photos of him with JLo in the Dominican Republic where she is shooting a movie.

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This Post Has 19 Comments

  1. Clari M

    Juat for show. Isnt shencoming out with a new movie or album…

  2. violetgurl80s

    They secretly split JLo has set her eyes on another famous celebrity and that is Brad Pitt she's moving on too fast

  3. M P

    Were they out of the spotlight for 5 minutes? Lol

  4. Amelia Rivera

    They not married yet so fix up now both should put God first

  5. Corrine Perry

    They doing this for show. Don't think they'll get married. If one needs counseling before marriage, let it go and move on

  6. Sandy Luciano

    You know people want to be famous and have money but there's a saying that says till Facebook do us apart. there's more important things in the world to talk about there's kids that are dying to hunger they are kids that have been separated from their parents there are people that are dying from diseases and more of the stuff important to talk about and all I see is comments about these two who cares everyone should focus on their own marriage and on their own business . I really don't care what happens in their marriage or their engagement there's never such thing as a perfect husband they all cheat

  7. Damara P

    She is a fool .some women just can't be without a man and she is one of those….weak women .

  8. samaris irizarry

    .nothing like creating media coverage when there is nothing going on to capture people's
    attention via gossip. Whether real or not. Give us all some credit. We are way to smart not to recognize an advertising/ marketing gymick from the attention seekers.

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