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Trendy Motion Transitions with Chris Han #MadewithKineMaster

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Create the trendy filming effects of the top internet videos with just a few taps! Learn how to add amazing graphics, create shaking movement transitions and more in this tutorial with Chris Han.

You can use everything KineMaster has to offer (even free users!) including tons of additional media, stickers, music, and special effects to transform your shorts into something truly magical!

Get the latest version of KineMaster here:

Check out Chris Han’s channel here:

KineMaster Background Music:
Follow Me
Hold On Me

Exclusive music available on the KineMaster Asset Store is copyright free! Every KineMaster asset can be used worry-free in your YouTube videos, even if they’re monetized. Try it now!

#KineMaster #MadewithKineMaster

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This Post Has 42 Comments

  1. Vel Murugan

    Wait you are official channel of kinemaster app ?

  2. Is there any way to remove the black screen error? because I posted on Youtube suddenly the last part is black? I hope the developer will remove this bug, it's quite annoying

  3. Arinxia

    Is there a way to move / switch layers in Kinemaster?

  4. I have got so used to kinemaster's editing i forgot how to edit with other apps

  5. Eyan Yell

    I would love to see if you guys added motion blur, btw amazing app great for montages and stuff 😍😍😍

  6. Arinxia

    Is there a way I can select a lot of projects at once and delete them? I have a lot of projects piled up from years ago, and Kinemaster is taking up a lot of storage space and it’s gonna take a long time to delete them.

  7. chiwiboy

    Hola, te amo es mi app favorita jsjsjs

  8. chiwiboy

    Hola, te amo es mi app favorita jsjsjs

  9. The Shape

    Kinemaster is what I use. I was able to break 10k subs and my views are at an all time high. Kinemaster you can holler at me if u want me to show some tricks

  10. black status

    Hello kinemaster when am editing the video it was streaked for 3-4 SEC's what I have to do

  11. VA Gowrisankar

    Can I upload screen recorded video of kinemaster in youtube for tutorial videos ? can I get any copyright issues for this from kinemaster ?
    I hope you reply this question…❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  12. Nitesh Gupta

    Plz the next update you create tracking effect in kinemaster plz

  13. Twister Weydett

    Wow, your is clear in the video…I wonder how you're recording it!!

  14. Lilanath Sapkota

    Where is 3d motion tracking features, mask tracker and mask feyframe? Also bring mask tool for all layers and clips including text, sticker, and handwriting layer. We want advanced pen tool and eraser or paint mask. Bring varieties of mask types like shape mask, the only one available now, custom mask, drawing mask , colour mask, luma mask etc

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