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Trick Photography for Beginners [Free Ebook]

Download Art Photography for Beginners Free Ebook

You will discover 5 trick photography lessons explained in detail that will teach you photography tips for creating astonishing special effects using most only a DSLR camera, tripod a manual mode adjustments.

Lesson 1
Understand DSLR camera manual mode: ISO, shutter speed, white balance and how to configure your camera for special effects and photo tricks.

Lesson 2
Understand Light painting and Light Drawing and the difference between them

Lesson 3
Creating awesome physiograms with no photo editing

Lesson 4
Photo professionals know how many things you need to create star trails special effect trick. I will show tips and tricks to create star trails in a more easy way.

Lesson 5
For those who do not have a DSLR camera a special review of the most rated applications for Android and iOs that transform your regular camera in a long exposure camera letting you paint with light as you please.

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