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Troncase live zoom event 26-04-2021 FULL TOUR of the ecosystem + Updates NO LINK EDITION

Where does Wealth come from?

Smokey backrooms, trust funds, country club handshakes…boardroom contracts?

Where do we, the people, find the opportunity for such wealth in a world fractured by the architects of chaos: disarray, disease, and disparity. A world we are so unsure about; yet, through the fire and brimstone, the disconnect and the despair, OUR futures are taking a stand. Turning from the precipice and moving towards deep waters and clear skies. We can march onwards towards a future already happening, blazed by the mechanized hands of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

But where do we find that opportunity? How do we tap into it?
The opportunity comes from you.
It comes from me.
It comes from US.
The opportunity for unprecedented wealth and freedom comes from TronCase.

The greatest transfer of wealth is currently happening through cryptocurrency, and the blockchain.
TronCase is utilizing next-generation smart contracts to fuel next level passive income opportunities.
Look at companies like Go fund me, CoinBase, CashApp, Kickstarter and Patreon, that are disrupting the investment, equity, and investment markets. Now go beyond that.
TronCase takes passive income and investing to a whole new stratosphere. By using a ground breaking sales structure with smart contracts on the Tron Blockchain, they are REMOVING the need for banks, human intervention, hacking, and even governments to build your wealth, and your future.
With TronCase, you can get paid Every second, or every minute, of every day, starting from Day 1!

By using tron which has a market cap of around $2 billion and enabling 2000 transactions per second, we take back the power to move the value-based market with our generosity and outreach, creating wealth for ourselves, our causes, and our communities.
No fees, no delays, no middlemen. Period.
TronCase offers a unique opportunity to make money, starting on day 1 with full access to every level immediately.
You can be getting paid 1 to 1.5% per day, compounding daily and without having to recruit or be forced to upgrade!

Troncase platform was developed by the blockchain software development team using smart contracts and offered to your service in a completely decentralized manner.
There is no Company, CEO or Owner. It is a peer-to-peer financial community project, with valuable external products and services extended FOR FREE to the owners of every activated wallet.

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[PPT] 📄

English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Bengali, Indonesian, Hindi, Persian, Malaysia, Thai, Urdu, Vietnamese




Daily Rewards start at 1% and rise to 1.5% inside first 6 days. 3 different benchmarks of contract balance / commission / community growth all gradually and immutably push the daily towards 3.5% as the project grows. Every time You withdraw then drops back to 1% and again grows evenly to 1.5% daily in 6 days.

Troncase smart-contract calculate profit up to every deposit since the date it was made. Every hour you will get +0.0416%, every day +1%

When you do not withdraw money, your profit rate increases by 0.1% every 24 hours. ( Max 0,5%)

Get + 0.2% additional profit for every 80,000,000 TRX on Smart Contract Balance.
( Max 1%)

Charge +0.1 additional fee every time the platform distributes 20,000,000 TRX Referral revenue (Max 0.5%)


Earn +0.1 additional profit for every 50,000 active users on the platform (Max 0.5%)6- DAILY TOP PERFORMERS POOL ( 1% OF TURNOVER ) FROM 01.02.2012

1- %7
2- %3
3- %1,5
4- %1
5- %0,5
6- %0,5
7- %0,5
8- %0,4
9- %0,3
10- %0,2
11- %0,1

All Affiliate commissions are instantly distributed directly to wallets !
Recommended wallets are Tronlink and Klever (Tronwallet will be shut down on 28.02)


Official channel for Promotions:
Official Announcements Channel:
Youtube Channel :
Troncase Chatbot:

With the chatbot, you can access all the information you want and communicate with the Support staff or Country Leaders. If you want to become a Committee representative in your country, you can send your information to the support staff. We will contact you. @troncasemod

Take your place in the most ambitious Tron Dapp project of 2021.

Official Launch: January 2021

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