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Tropical Fish Photography 101 Tips for Beginners & Pros

I’m sharing the methods I use with filming fish for videos and taking pics for websites or auctions. Also giving the tips and methods passed on to me from people. The fish in the video are Snow White Albinos; Black Moscows; Black Lace Snakeskins. Some of the fish will be for sale on aquabid soon under seller id greyd
Email any questions to greydmail at

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  1. These are great tips for getting good shots of your fish Doug. Below ..the tip from thestruggler1000 about putting white paper in the cd box….is just genius!!
    And hey ppl..if you have not tried Doug's fish food…it's a must. I got some of his mixed flake and also the fry mix and let me tell you the difference in my guppies in just the 1st 2 weeks were amazing. I have been feeding my guppies on it a little over a month now and what a huge difference in color and how much activity I have from them and my 4 week old fry have grown so fast. I had been using Omega One flake and thought that was good until I switched to Doug's food. Huge difference. Great video Doug. Look forward to the next one.

  2. Thanks for the tutorial! I hit a swap meet in Kansas City yesterday. Purchased Albino Corys, Super Red Plecos, and leopard danios. Also, I now have guppy grass.

  3. Excellent video! Very helpful suggestions! I was happy to see I already do some of this for my videos. That little LED light from Home Depot looks like just what I need for filming. I'm totally going to pick one up. I'm about to get a new, slightly bigger specimen container to make filming a bit easier. One thing I do is use a sharpie or other permanent marker to color the outside of the bottom of the container black. That seems to help the fish stay calmer. I'm gonna try putting in a small sprig of plant in too next time I film.

    And OMG, the clothing (or lack thereof) thing!! ?? I've caught my own reflection of the pattern of my shirt in videos before and realized how distracting it is. Now I have a plain black t-shirt that I put on for filming my guppies. That minimizes distracting reflections. ?

  4. I love those Black Lace Snake Skins. I can't help but be mesmerized by that one with the orange streak in his tail. Wouldn't it be cool to have a black lace flametail strain? I hope your copyright discussion doesn't mean that I can no longer use your fish food photos as a backdrop for my Subaru for sale on Craigslist….Have a heart Doug. I need that money so I won't have to walk to work any longer…

  5. Hello Doug, firstly thx for sharing 🙂 I think those black M. females will all have dorsals larger than standard. My black line sometimes produce females that start the same as yours and by 3 mths old their dorsals grow out. Either way I think that your stock is lovely 🙂

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