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°Tutorial° how to put music on kinemaster/Add it to your video {Gacha life}

Hope this video helps i love you guy’s ❤💗❤ Music used in video: Joakim Karud – Dreams – 0:30 Intro: Ikson – Outside – 0:00 This video is not sponsored by Mobizen.

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This Post Has 42 Comments

  1. Thank you!!!!! I’ve been using cap cut for Audi but this might just save me lots of time!!

  2. Namanda UwU

    Ok thanks for helping it’s so helpful but I don’t have a android

  3. Darryl Zito

    I have a better way in my opinion you only need kinemaster what are you do is you go on a video you tap the record button if you have any other tablet phone TV or something like that play the song you want and then you’re good

  4. ItzFluffyTailz

    me before i watched this vid: 👁👄👁
    me after i watched this vid: 😶😶😶😶

  5. Haleema Kashif

    Omg tysm I don't have a recorder on my phone so tysm for saying to use mobizen :))

  6. Day dreamer

    I can’t press add layer and then press media 😭🙁

  7. Maina Playz

    Thanks so much i finally know how to have song on kinemaster well the problem is how i record it cause i have noisy siblings but thats my problem anyways thank you for the tutorial UwU

  8. alexwolrocean

    Easy I don't copy you I just copy link My Favorite song and Copy link I press chrome search YouTube Mp3 converter and Install Kinemaster And Press music Then Press download Easy Peasy

  9. Tv_head

    Me have question I can’t record because I have a weird phone what do I do?

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