Unfolding Facts of Chroma Key Technique

Unfolding Facts of Chroma Key Technique


Chroma key background is an advanced as well as modified technique of replacing the background of the subject by any other image. It is a unique technique applied in photography. It requires creative and innovative skills of a photographer. An amateur photographer makes use of this technology to create striking pictures. These photographers really get a lot to learn from such kind of picture taking. Even professional photographers require this technique for the purpose of creating mesmerizing and captivating pictures or videos.

Chroma key which is also called green screen background is an easy and simple once mastered by a photographer. You just need to place your subject in front of either blue or green color background. If you are taking a video and shooting a film, then make the actor act out the scene against the background. Once the act is over and the scene shot, a person can start with the digital editing of the video. The same is in the case of still images, that is, photograph a subject with a high quality camera.

Once you are over with it, you can upload the digital pictures in the chroma key software. A person can begin editing a video film or an image. When you are editing the picture or a video you can transform the subject from studio to any other scene. For instance, you can make a subject appear a giant and surround him around miniature buildings. In another example, you can make a subject appear a dwarf and surround him around the tall structures. Such kind of gimmicks are often used and manipulated in the films.

One can also take family photographs and place the family behind a chilly area or a cold region. Show your subject flying in the air as it happens in many animated cartoons or movies. The advantage of using this computer program is that it provides with a variety of features. One can apply visual effects such as animation or multimedia. You can even set musical tones and surround your subject with wonderful graphics. All these are the benefits and distinct facts of applying green screen to picture making.


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