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Video Editor Reacts to BTS – Blood Sweat & Tears (Official MV)




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In this video, I react to the music video edit of BTS – “Blood Sweat & Tears” from a professional music video editor perspective!

My name is Jordan Orme I’m a professional film editor for artists like Justin Bieber, Roddy Ricch, Tyga, and many more. You won’t want to miss out!

Be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to be the first to hear some tricks of the trade and industry secrets to becoming a successful, professional film editor. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions for the kind of content you would like to see on this channel!

God bless,
– Jordan

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This Post Has 43 Comments

  1. Deli Sh

    I love love love this mv so much. The whole aesthetic is very pleasingg

  2. I'm probably late to the party but it would such an interesting input if you could react to this same song but the Japanese MV version. It terms of editing, transitions and effects is way more packed and it would be amazing to have your opinion/analysis on it.

    (Yes I'm bing watching all of your reactions lmao)


    This video was an entire poetic movie and you cannot tell me otherwise. The editors and the director was high on creativity with this one.

  4. reanaa

    It's true that this song and the MV were inspired by the book Demian by Herman Hesse about the temptation of good and evil, BUT it's also part of the Bangtan Universe storyline. For those who know what I'm talking about this song is the moment that Jin realizes that the deal he made with the mysterious cat and the subsequent time loops is going to destroy them all if he doesn't find a way to stop them. That's why in the beginning he is standing in front of the painting depicting the fall of Lucifer. In a nutshell, Jin was asked by the cat if he thought he could save the boys from themselves. Stop V from getting arrested and eventually stabbing his father, stop RM from attacking the customer and dying in the fire, stop Jimin from killing himself in the hospital, stop Suga from setting the fire, stop JK from descending into despair after the car accident and finally to save the orphanage Jhope grew up in. In his arrogance Jin told the cat (like Icarus) he could save them. But he couldn't…at least not on his own. This MV is the point in the story where Jin has begun to lose his feelings for the other boys because of the hundreds if not thousands of loops he's had to repeat and now he just wants it all to end regardless of what happens to the others. In that context is a heartbreaking MV. This music video is the follow up to Jin's mv Awake.

  5. ureshii tv

    I want you to react to hoshi mixtape spider '-'

  6. Sammy

    V: smirks
    Jordon: freaks out
    Me: same bro

  7. Lee Miranda

    Im very late but i feel like its worth mentioning that, when jin was staring at the painting, which is the fall of Lucifer, u can see 2 doors or entrances at bith sides of the painting: on the right, a white one which represents heaven being color ehite and on the right side. Then theres a black door on the left, which refers to hell being dark and at the left part

  8. oh my gosh i have watched this mv for the nth time and i just realized that jungkook was with namjoon on that smoke scene😳😳😳

  9. klassNina

    Him- *Symbolizm*
    Me watching the music video- What is happening

  10. The Apple

    You should realllly look take a look at the stotyline that takes place in the let’s say bts universe (lol)
    It’s confusing af but you can’t find symbols in almost all mvs of them, some even are just straight up story, it’s so cool.
    But like I said it’s also literally SO confusing 🤡

  11. Jazzmango

    I just found your channel and have been binging your kpop reaction vids!!! Your personality is so cool and entertaining and you share your knowledge about film making/editing in a very easy to understand, interesting, and passionate way I love it!! Keep up the good work I will stay tuned!

  12. Sigrid Grønaa

    Chat room is a movie, where anyone can get what they want, some would have happiness and some would go the other way..

  13. luhvsmo :3

    “ I have a girlfriend… but these are some beautiful men. “BWAHAH i love this man

  14. Joyce Aguilar

    Thank you Jordan! I appreciate how you dissect the video editing and some technicalities in your reactions. I am so glad to find your channel, because I too love to appreciate all the small details they put into their production set, lighting, directing, editing, storytelling, concept and other stuff that is behind the camera. I enjoyed watching your videos.

  15. Chantal Ulrich

    What I thought is, in the beginning you see Jin looking at a painting of lucifer falling from heaven, and later V is shown jumping of a balcony and with no more wings. Soo maybe V is the fallen lucifer and stature and the reason why Jin is so fascinated or intrigued by the painting is, because he's reminded of V?

  16. Saskia McFee

    They´re continue the story in the Japanese MV to the song 🙂

  17. blablabla

    16:46 "Man muss noch Chaos in sich haben, um einen tanzenden Stern gebähren zu können."
    "You still have to have chaos in you to be able to give birth to a dancing star."

    It is from Friedrich Nietzsche's "Also sprach Zarathustra" / "Thus Spoke Zarathustra".

    Just dropping this bit of info here 😉

  18. Regina Holloway

    Love your channel. Bts videos are masterpieces. Watching your channel I appreciate the storyline even more.

  19. anne

    Have you reacted to Blood Sweat & Tears japanese version yet? It gain a lot of theory too😫

  20. Raksha Rathish

    Yo…. We understand the story behind the MV's when we watch his vids

    I was like oh just some random stuff
    I love their music

  21. Your reaction is on another level! You are touring us into the story of the music video where the normal person can't fathom its meaning in depth. Thank you for all the great reaction to BTS's MVs and songs.

  22. as dff

    Can you react to BTS 2017 Live Trilogy Episode lll The Wings Tour Trailer is connected to this MV.

  23. Matilde Lasnier

    You've literaly mutilated the théories, but its ok I also didn't got it at first, I recommend taking a look at the jung archetypes, and jin is the person, jungkook the persona/innocence, all the good that we show to the world, tae the shadow, everything we hide, al our bad stuff, jimin, transition, suga amorality, RM ambition, j hope, addiction, aaand also, read a resume of demian from herman hesse, some songs on the discography from the song I need U to the album love yourself:tear is based on that book and that archetypes, there's a video explaining but is in spanish and Idk if you could understand, but like that you have little bit more reference

  24. Nancy Simp

    love your videos <3 btw can you watch girls by NATURE (Uncensored Ver.) its cool

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