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Video Editor Reacts to Cardi B – Up [Official Music Video]




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In this video, I react to Cardi B – Up [Official Music Video] from a professional music video editor and filmmaking perspective! Thank you for all the recent support!

My name is Jordan Orme. I’m a professional film editor for artists like Justin Bieber, Roddy Ricch, Tyga, and many more. You won’t want to miss out!

Be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to be the first to hear some tricks of the trade and industry secrets to becoming a successful, professional film editor. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions for the kind of content you would like to see on this channel!

God Bless!

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This Post Has 40 Comments

  1. 밀크빵

    I love hearing the technicality of video editing 🙂

  2. Miss Sippy Tawker

    Here's an idea. Want folks to stop using the N word? Start with your own tribe. NONE of my black friends say 'niggah' around me! I'm white and they know better.

  3. Miss Sippy Tawker

    They want respect? I call BULLSHIT! This entire video is rated X. No respect for kids. None for self. Cardie will never be in my playlist.

  4. biorbor nl

    Cardi isnt hip hop lol, hip hop is an artform

  5. Nishat Tasnim

    It was a great lecture course of 12:06 secs lol. I feel like if I keep on watching your reaction videos, I might just ace my media classes hehe. Great analysis. Keep it up ❤️💪🏽😊

  6. why do you always look like you need a HARD nap😂😂😂😂😂 but anyways i love your videos

  7. Linda Liao

    I just wish you were more honest about your own reactions and opinions. It seemed like you are holding back what you thought to please the audience.

  8. Niño Manos

    It's amazing to even think that Cardi B's visuals are from her vision and ideas

  9. Isaiah Bangura

    Cardi is bisexual. For Covid, they had a nurse and a doctor on scene and took both tests (rapid the day of the shoot and the other one 14 days before the shoot). She has a great team.

  10. Edward Yang

    Please react to Everglow Dun Dun it’s the biggest BOP in Korea now

  11. Impartial

    Idk, but you’re gay? Or I confused right now how you act lol.

  12. pooja rajan

    i just don't know why i don't blink whenever i see CARDI B MVs !

  13. amy thaxter

    🤣🤣 I loved watching this reaction. You have a brilliant energy x

  14. K H

    Wanna see you reacting to Bodak Yellow/Money by Cardi B

  15. Reaction died when he said eiw. Like really? It's supposed to be a review on the video editing process and he says eiw. What a mood killer.

  16. Jihan Gesiya

    Please Go to react Kardi B "WAP"Official Vidio..That's Was So Good✌🔥

  17. nayu

    oMG THAT WAS CRAZY AJDHAJSD may i suggest a reaction of ENHYPEN's given-taken MV? ^_^ they are new boygroup under belift (subsidiary company of bighit)

  18. Francesca S

    Editing is interesting. It's fun to get a professional perspective on it. Subscribed!

  19. Casey Finnegan

    Your merch is so dope!!! Also WOWWW, I haven't watched Up in it's entirety but it's WILDDD!

  20. Lesly Corona

    Please do Cry Baby by Megan Thee Stallion and Ariana Grande 35+35 Remix!!! 🥺

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