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Video Editor Reacts to NCT 127 'gimme gimme' MV




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Many thanks to these wonderful BEAN CLUB MEMBERS from who support the channel every month and made this video possible:

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In this video, I react to NCT 127 ‘gimme gimme’ MV from a professional music video editor and filmmaking perspective! Thank you for all the recent support!

My name is Jordan Orme. I’m a professional film editor for artists like Justin Bieber, Roddy Ricch, Tyga, and many more. You won’t want to miss out!

Be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to be the first to hear some tricks of the trade and industry secrets to becoming a successful, professional film editor. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions for the kind of content you would like to see on this channel!

God Bless!

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This Post Has 45 Comments

  1. vaswinee nayak

    I have seen my fair share of reaction videos but jordan's is really one of the very few gems that I enjoy watching. He reacts both as a professional and as a fan which makes it more enjoyable. He cares about the artist which a lot of professional reaction channels lack.

  2. Brraahh Jungwuw

    If you want to watch more kpop mv transitions, do watch %% (eung eung) by apink 😆

  3. KJS KJS

    I just spent thirty minuets figuring out the person with blue hair and Scorpio makeup is named Yuta and is in fact a Scorpio…I swear I’m so dramatic

  4. Genesis Valera

    por su culpa no me tomare serio el alto de Taeil jajajjajajaja

  5. Genesis Valera

    yo vengo a este porque quería ver la reacción a Make a whish pero no tiene ni siquiera los subtítulos al ingles para usar la opción de traducción automática 🙁 uno el latino de ingles chueco queriendo ver reacción a tremenda joya de los Neo y no se puede, lloro

    Pero también quería de este jajaja hay varias cositas que se ven en el video que quiero ver si las notó

  6. aes koo

    okay this is final. this guy is completely taeyong biased

  7. 유진

    헐 이것두 있네 뮤비 완전 좋았는데😻

  8. joone


  9. mary catherine

    SAME i also died at that Taeil high note it just looked so funny him standing in the middle of everyone else dancing just belting out a high note prima donna style😂

  10. Maryyam -_-

    patiently waiting for him to react to resonance 😀

  11. Elizabeth Perez

    At the end of the mv i went " I'll giyou giyou anyting" WTF AM I DOING THAT'S NOT EVEN A WORD

    NCT got me acting up

  12. wall flower

    please react to more nct videos, they are all amazing

  13. Zana Yusrima

    You should react to wayv “turn back time”, “moonwalk”, “take off” and ESPECIALLY “REGULAR” mv 🔥

  14. Via N

    You should react to VICTON'S Mayday!
    Its BOMB

  15. EXONCT Stan

    it ain't taeyong who's blue haired guy it's my bias yuta yas he be giving visuals

  16. Diana Flores

    Wow there is so much stuff I missed on the vid, I am officially subscribed to this channel. Also, I can´t stop repeating 11:07 HAHAHAHAHAH

  17. Anniekuo8810

    Please do Punch (NCT127) music video reaction😳😳😳

  18. Hai Anhii

    Pls react to ATEEZ comeback mv Fireworks(I’m the one) !❤️

  19. HighwaytoNct

    The transition and Jungwoo and Haechan singing together, Jaehyun with his deep voice, taeyong and Yuta chefs kiss*, mark being smooth, Taeil with hid godly vocals and visuals, Johnny with dat smooth low rap, And Doyoung *perfect vocals NCT 127 perfect
    Thank you for your time

  20. Giulia Eusebi

    I swear you made me cry when you made that impression of Taeil, actual tears running down my face

  21. EvanoGamers

    Taeil: gimme gimme aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Me: I'm I think I'm dead next die -_-

  22. Cassi López

    14:15 Yo automáticamente: Ese es Yuta jajaja Btw, me encantan estos videos ❤️ pd: yo también confundía a TY con YT :v

  23. jlvlr

    Jordan pls react to SHINee's Don't Call Me too!!! It's their first comeback in 2.5 yrs 🙁

  24. Anon Myiyy

    That wipe screen I the "be natural" transition because I saw it first in rv's MV haha

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