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Video Editor Reacts to Red Velvet 레드벨벳 'Psycho' MV

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In this video, I react to Red Velvet 레드벨벳 ‘Psycho’ MV from a professional music video editor and filmmaking perspective! Thank you for all the recent support!

My name is Jordan Orme. I’m a professional film editor for artists like Justin Bieber, Roddy Ricch, Tyga, and many more. You won’t want to miss out!

Be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to be the first to hear some tricks of the trade and industry secrets to becoming a successful, professional film editor. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions for the kind of content you would like to see on this channel!

God Bless!

#RedVelvet #Psycho #RedVelvetReaction

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This Post Has 39 Comments

  1. Edem Kim

    It seems like showing the movie <Black Swan>’s story???

  2. Nabila Marsha

    moral of the story:

  3. Aubrey Villegas

    Luvies: wrestles with theories in every RV mv
    me, a lazy potato: I'll just wait for an SMCU episode to vaguely explain what these hot psycho killersare up to

  4. schlootle

    I've watched this MV hundreds of times, how have I been so blind to never notice a story? I was all just like "cool dancing, whoa butterfles, damn they are all so pretty"

  5. Cherellious

    Jordan break down all the details so well! One of the best reaction of kpop videos i've seen so far 😍

  6. EXO bb PengsOO

    Eureka! After 2 yrs of almost listening to this song and watching the mv, I've realized a lot of the story from your videos. Thank you!

  7. WOW i've watched the mv like a hundred times but i've never bothered to think about the storylines this is interesting

  8. Erity !

    I love the fact that you try to know the names of the members. Its very different from other people I've watched where they react to many videos of a group but never try to actually learn their names. Love your videos. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💛

  9. Lalady Warriors

    do u know that after this was uploaded wendy got in an accident so they dont have a lot of chance to film a live stage of this :((

  10. ptn

    can you reacts to more rv's mv pls🥺 their mv are really story telling in all bits.

  11. chees

    *deep story being shown by the members that is incredibly metaphorical*
    Dance scenes: one of yall is the imposter but this beat is fire 💀

  12. Manuela Trujillo

    Joy is key in the MV.

    Joy has always had a special role in Red Velvet videos, but that story is separate. In Psycho, she is the most proactive, and she has a mission: to alert the girls to the dynamics of power that reigns in Red Velvet, to separate them and perhaps, to turn the tables.

    We will see in the following theories that in Red Velvet there is a power dynamic that fans place in Irene. Irene, being the oldest and the leader, is also the one who exercises control over the girls, she is "the boss" in every way. Not without reason is she the one who always takes the wheel in all the videos in which Red Velvet goes by car (which are not few).

    The back room is the one Seulgi is in at first, and then she appears inside the car

    Our theory is that Joy has noticed or has had enough of this game, and is convincing one of the others to get rid of that situation. But what do they say? Seulgi is the least aware she is of the situation. Both Wendy at first and Irene later watch her closely. In fact, Irene puts her in her car and then says "I don't know what I'm going to do with you," as if she has to take care of her.

    However, the role of Irene will become irrelevant until the end. During that time, Joy will exert her influence on the others, starting with Yeri. She is the smallest of the group, and her shot jumping on the bed like a girl is no coincidence. It represents innocence and Joy begins by separating it from the rest. He watches her carefully and then locks her in his room.

    Here is Yeri so happy …

    … and here Joy watches her and locks her up …
    Wendy is also aware of what is happening and seems disheartened. From the way she looked at Seulgi at the beginning of the MV, maybe she wants to protect her, or this power play overpowers her. Joy understands her and encourages her to go with her. And immediately after, Wendy appears waiting for Joy sitting on a suitcase. They go?

    Then, Yeri manages to communicate with Seulgi, but Joy arrives on time and interrupts the conversation between them, by cutting the thread that unites them.

    Then we see Joy whispering something to Seulgi, contradicting what Yeri has wanted to tell her earlier. Then, in the room where Seulgi was talking to Yeri, only Seulgi appears, and Joy coming out of it. The work is done.

    Seulgi is alone, with her part of the communicator in hand

    And then yes, he goes to pick up Wendy, who appears on a train, guarded by Joy. Another member separated from the rest. What Wendy sings then implies that she knows what is happening but cannot help it, because she loves Joy:

    "Sometimes you smile at me, how am I going to let you go?"

    At that moment, Irene pricks herself with the sewing machine and, as the leader (and “visual original”), realizes that the girls are scattered, and their power too. It is the beginning of the end.
    Irene's prick is the turning point because the others begin to act differently, starting with Yeri. She appears with a rock and a paper, ready to tell what Joy is doing, in order to keep the girls together. Seulgi, who still doesn't quite know what's going on, appears crying glitter (Red Velvet's narrative as visuals is adjacent to the rest of the video).
    Irene's prick is the turning point because the others begin to act differently, starting with Yeri.
    And, for the first time in the history of Red Velvet's MVs, Joy takes the wheel of a car. It had always been Irene or Wendy (in Sappy and Really Bad Boy). That means Joy now has almost gained control, has almost gotten what she wants. But let's not forget that Irene has noticed that something is happening, and Yeri has the stone with the message ready.

    Another interesting element is how the Seulgi reflex acts of its own free will, ignoring the original, as if there were a dichotomy. Red Velvet have to go through a process of bonding and accepting their "psycho" self, getting rid of the rest of the alter egos, and Seulgi is the one who has it the least clear.

    Yeri's stone hits a mirror that catches Irene's attention and, suddenly, a lot of butterflies cover it. Butterflies are symbols of change and transformation, and that is what Red Velvet is going to fully experience at the end of this video.

    Irene realizes and acts, transforming the situation

    With Irene aware of what is happening, time begins to go backwards. The leader regains control and we watch Joy's car start to reverse as she says:

    "Do not look back

    We are going to be like that, what we are "

    Go back in time … against your will

    Then we confirm time travel with Irene returning to the sewing room. Also Yeri, after experiencing an acceleration around her, returns to the room in which she was jumping at the beginning. Then Seulgi and her reflection merge and act as one. Synergy takes place and balance is reestablished.

    The dichotomy and doubts no longer exist and Red Velvet are who they want to be: “psychos”. Wendy returns and shares confidences with Seulgi for the first time, completing the circle under the supervision of Irene, who has regained her power.
    Thus, the last 30 seconds of the song are Red Velvet united again, happy despite their toxic relationship, and repeating: "Now we will be fine, now we will be fine." They will be fine because two factors have been given:

    1) They have reunited thanks to Irene's control

    2) They have accepted their true nature … psychopath.
    TEORY OF ‘The ReVe Festival: Finale’ THE ALBUM COVER PAGE
    Why are all the girls except Joy on the cover of the album 'The ReVe Festival: Finale'? We have seen her importance in the narrative of the MV, but this theory goes further and thinks that she is the one who wears the red shoes on the cover.

    And where are these shoes from? From the movie Wizard of Oz. At first they belong to the Wicked Witch of the East but later they become Dorothy's and, according to this theory, Joy would be Dorothy, the protagonist who triggers the story.

    Image result for the reve festival finale album

    In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy's mission is to find the wizard to ask him to return home, but in the end she discovers that the wizard is a fraud. It has no powers, and its influence "breaks." However, despite being a fraudulent "controller", he ends up giving Dorothy's companions what they want:

    The tin man needs a heart

    The cowardly lion needs bravery

    The scarecrow needs a brain

    Our theory to complete the parallelism with The Wizard of Oz is this: Seulgi could be the scarecrow because she is the most unconscious and confused about the situation. Yeri is the one who gains courage to try to talk to Seulgi first and throw the stone at Irene later, being the cowardly lion. And Wendy needs a heart, she looks "disheartened" in her shots, because she can't do anything about the situation. It's the tin man. and everything begins to unleash Joy (Dorothy) against the Wizard of Oz, who would be the powerful Irene.

    "Everything is fine"

    Irene is the one who, speaking in fantastic terms, has enchanted everyone under her "enchantment." The one with the power. Joy wants to end this but Irene realizes it and, unlike the Wizard of Oz, she regains control of the situation.

    "We argue as if it were the last time

    But then we make up

    They don't understand it, it's very funny "

    The chorus repeats this idea that describes what happens in Psycho. There is a dangerous game of manipulation and separation, but in the end, everyone knows that it is best to stay together. Only then can they accept their true self, their "psycho" self. Or even his self … "velvet" … but that belongs to another drawer of theories.

  13. snappp

    I like this reaction with the drama scene by jordan hahhahaha

  14. _

    Irene: Psycho
    Jordan: NO

  15. Yongie TY

    U know what guys i really love the song i kept playing it over and over again but now knowing all of this gives creep. Like wow seriously this is how it is. But yeah i still love the song

  16. vera venidestine

    Ps: This is not mine. Just trying to help those who are still confuse.

    2:16 Pointless jumping
    Here, Yuri is jumping on the matress, looking up at the sky. The childish way her hair was done could signify tht she's like a child; doing every order manipulation urges and quick to believe lies. The sky is a sign of freedom, but she also enjoys jumping on her childlike world.

    2:53 Joy shuts the door for her, shutting the door to freedom. Here, she also sings, "You know me so well and control me, so do I." That means she knows every member so well, and they do too, and therefore she can manipulate them easily.

    3:04 Restriction
    Here, Wendy on the staircase , singing, "we're on a very weird and sad relationship." That only spurs Wendy to think of running away. Just a few steps down the stairs could free her from manipulation, but she feels oddly attached to the girls. ( we crush each other and hug again.)

    Joy senses that Wendy wants to escape, and quickly takes her back up the staircase.

    3:47 Signs
    In this scene, you can notice that Wendy and Seulgi are in black, meaning they don't know they're being controlled. White means they know something. Black in the M/V also signifies refusal to see the truth. That is why joy wears black with the only ruffle on her collar as white. White means they know something. Irene has on black gloves, because they are the hands that abuse the girls and control them due to the fact that Irene know she's hurting them but enjoys it anyway. She knows the secret toko (white top).

    Yeri is the only one in all white. She knows now but her top is rather gray, meaning she wants to stay but knows all of this is wrong. She would be the one to try and tell the others about Joy and Irene's secret.

    4:52 Waiting
    Here, Wendy is sitting beside a painting. She waits for someone to rescue her, but Irene and Joy are always watching, thus the eye on the painting.

    4:55 Falsehood
    Joy senses that Yeri already knows, so she whispers the opposite of the secret. This is to keep Seulgi from thinking of running away too.

    5:40 Telling
    Here, Yeri calls Seulgi and tells her what she knows. She tries to tell everything, but Joy comes and cuts the wire.

    6:04 Escape Plan
    Wendy decides she isn't going to wait for someone to save her, and tries to go away. She travels by train, but Joy knows where she is always, and shuts the door of the train, preventing freedom again.

    7:00 Helping
    Yeri attempts to send a message to Seulgi through the stone. See the little paper? She tries to see Seulgi see the truth. But even Seulgi's own reflection refuses to acknowledge all this. Yeri hurls the stone at the mirror, successfully breaking it.

    8:06 Refusal
    Here, Irene tries to make a mirror disappear due to refusal to acknowledge the truth as well. The mirror keeps rolling up. The truth is revealed though through a butterfly plague.

    8:27 Seulgi looks away from her mirror, and sees the truth.

    8:57 Benefit of the Doubt
    Irene runs to the sewing room, knowing her plans have been revealed. She knows that she can try and change the minds of the girls, but it's too late.

    9:31 However, the girls have been under Irene's manipulation for most of their lives. They doubt, and start telling each other stories, which make Irene powerful again because she knows that the girls are naivë.

    10:08 Irene refuses to let them go, and instead of honestly confessing, she lets the girls lose themselves again in a false world. They run around and enjoy themselves, not knowing this is pain disguised by materialistic happiness.

    therefore, this just proves that Red Velvet are "psychos". //insert Irene's voice

  17. wall flower

    i loved your reaction at the end when Irene say 'psycho'

  18. Alyssa M. Ragodon

    Finally someone who reacts in the message not just the song and vocals hehe.
    Red Velvet' s MV isn't just for vocals and dancing. Everything has a whole story. Hope you react more of their songs. Almost everything has a story in it. Talking about Russian Roulette, Peek-a-boo, Cookie Jar, Zimzalabim, One of These Nights and many more.
    It ain't the "Best Girl Group Alive" for nothing ❤💛💙💚💜

  19. Mitzy Sofi

    irene's telling the fact on 5:37 that she's the original visual ❤️

  20. Art of Rizal

    Love to watch a music video reaction from a video editor perspective. So many info and tips. 👍

  21. Beanen Queen

    “Mama called the doctor and the doctor said…”


  22. Kaylee Moore

    Jordan theory’s about what it means me Oo pretty butterfly’s cool dancing

  23. ilioh

    Hi, i really enjoy your videos I think i learn a bit with them so i wonder if you could react to N.Flying mv like The Real and Hot potato. Also could you react to ONEUS specially To be or not to be, Lit and No diggity.
    To know your thoughts about them would be kind of cool, thanks!

  24. Inah Loise Gallo

    I've been watching this MV for idk times but didn't know the story behind this has a deep meaning. Whooooa

  25. M

    React to Gfriend. Their storyline will make you go nuts XD

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