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VIDEO EDITORS REACT TO BTS (방탄소년단) 'Butter' Official MV

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Go Go instrumental remix by Eddie Kaba

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INTRO SONG—————- CYRUS 17 (feat. Packy)

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This Post Has 47 Comments

  1. Jae Cho

    Your friend looks like Nick Carter

  2. PJSchuyler

    Don’t talk during kitty cat Yoongi’s rap 😂 😂

  3. Jamila Ahkafuddin

    Please react to the making of butter video you guys would in enjoy that…

  4. Susan Brooks

    React 'BTS Butter Late Show Stephen Colbert ..🔥🔥😍 2021

  5. Marina L.

    Hi, I am back. Nice reaction, ty. Love this song. This performance was fun. So catchy. They flirting and kissing us left and right. I am much. I've heard this song like 15 times and plan to hear it more. It makes me want to dance. JK looked good but the hair was getting too much for me glad he did a haircut. In the vlive he looked young and silly and cute. In the press conference he looked more mature. I still need to see that in full. hugs. -baby Army NY USA💜

  6. Marina L.

    The lyrics to "Butter" actually reference two of pop's biggest icons: Michael Jackson and Usher.

    🌟Quite literally the song opens with Jungkook singing, "Smooth like butter / Like a criminal undercover," a nod to Michael's 1988 hit, "Smooth Criminal.

    🌟And by the time the second verse rolls around, V sings "Pull you in like no other / Don't need no Usher / To remind me you got it bad," which is inspired by Usher's 2001 hit "U Got It Bad." The song sees Usher helplessly falling in love with the girl he's had his eye on, but in BTS' case, this line flips the script and shows how their superstar status allowed them to capture a special person's affection. In "Butter," the BTS boys are basically saying they are just SO charming, SO charismatic, and SO smooth that it makes people fall in love them and wanna dance. -baby Army NY USA💜

  7. Rbk V

    being ARMY just comes first

  8. Shobegogo

    Your reaction is priceless love it 🤣😍🥰

  9. yours lovingly

    Taehyung looks and voice are no joke😁 he's part in elevator is so good

  10. thy lionheart

    your excitement made me smile so wide, it’s enjoyable to see other people be so hype for BTS

  11. Mickey Jean

    im so upset with JK stylist for cutting his hair, he’s back to being short haired 😭😡 but I can’t even be angry which makes me even more mad because he still looks good.

  12. Mickey Jean

    As I watch this so many times from the lyrics, choreography, fashions, visuals and background settings starting out with black & white which it seems theyve continued with the second part of “Dynamite” bringing the neon pastel retro vibes. I am so upset though that they cut JK’s hair, now hes back with short hair again. i’m still trying to gather my thoughts, the teasers I think where giving a different feel and all fanmade Butter videos where throwing things off #SmoothLikeButter #DYNAMITE #BTS

  13. Hana A

    Dylan's Army mode was OOOONNNNN

  14. Stephanie R

    Sorry to rain on the BTS parade, but I think you should watch God's Menu by Stray Kidz and In the Morning by Itzy! They are both directed by the same person and it is so cool, would love to know what you think of it!

  15. Speakup yt

    Please Watch~ BTS will be appearing on BBC-“The One Show”! on Monday 24th
    and perform their new song “Butter”👍👍👍

  16. Amy T

    Got yah. 1. stream 2.scream 3. Be grateful. ^_*


    Hello, if you would like some suggestions, I would highly like to recommend BTOB….. I'll be your Man, Missing you, Beautiful Pain, Movie~ Thank you 🙂

  18. april grace dasco

    Making the video is now up, please make a reaction on that.😊
    Stay safe!

  19. sumthn

    i love how you hype up BTS! THAT'S EXACTLY ME WHILE WATCHING IT THE FIRST TIME! until now actually… BUT YEAH LEZZ GET IT!!!

  20. Joy Makk


  21. The WisePlant

    My true Army Dylan 🔥🔥🔥🔥🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼 Less than 30 secs in and I already love Dylan’s vibe with the “No.1 you gotta stream, No.2 got gotta scream” 😂😂😂

  22. darren drei

    Also a fan boy. So proud of these boys! Let's hit another #1 Billboard! Let's Stream! Because BTS deserve that spot 🔥

  23. BT Gang

    i dunno whom to look at. But V has my heart. you rock Taetae!!!

  24. Leiyami Shimrah

    This video has crossed all the limit of awesomeness. Specially V in 🧡 suit, best treat for my eyes 😍

  25. Kathina Gallery

    Jin looks, Jin CEO look, Jin’s necks! Jin vocals, Jin’s dance! I’m so glad Jin got so much love here!
    Suga’s rap though!

  26. flyushkifly

    Dylan trying to be smooth and cool guiding the new guy – then it's all Shut up man, you're talking over my bias's bars! Nobody puts Yoongi in the corner!

  27. Mandy U

    "got army right behind us when we say so" love how RM was in the middle as his name as aRMy. also, they straight up flexin' they got army, lol savage
    Also, not sure did you get the usher reference?

  28. Adianez Avein

    Love your reaction… Smooth like Butter.. definitely much more dynamite.

  29. jackalope2u

    BTS just threw down a Buttery Gauntlet in front of the Grammy's: "We Dare you to Deny us this year".

  30. S Avila Pratynisa

    Yess 😅 in the second chorus i thought that's feel like txt' vibe too 🤣

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