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Video No:11 || 1st Month || Heros Mega Video Editing Contest

The Heros Mega video Editing Contest -1
Hello Heros and Hero editors.
This a chance for every video editor to use his skill and talent in making best video edits. videos may be funny edits, meme edits ,montages or beat syncs e.t.c.,

Here is a contest For all video editing Heros

1.First prize – 5000 rs
2.Second prize – 3000 rs
3.Third prize – 2000 rs

The three winners of this contest will get an entry to Next Level Hero Editors contest with a Prize Money of 1 Lakh which is going to happen in October 2021 Next year.
Best 30 videos will be picked up and among them three winners will be selected via total likes got to the video .
Every video among 30 will get published on heros Gaming channel. Two videos per day will be published. one video in the morning at 7 am and second in the evening at 7pm.

The videos which gets more likes will be the winners .
winners will be selected on December 31 2020 at 5 pm and prize money will be sent instantly .

Points to be followed:
1 .Audio to be used – Only Non copyright songs.
2. Video clips to be used – Any of my pubg videos .
3. Mention your youtube channel name / instagram I’d at the end of the video.
4. video should not be uploaded any where.
5. Minimum Video Length should be More than or equal to 3 Mins.
6. A person can send any number of videos.
7.To send videos ,upload the video in your google drive and send the link to

Edit and Send your Videos to till 8 Dec 23:59.

If you are good at editing ,do participate in the contest. if not share to your friends who can Edit. Selected Videos will get published to heros Gaming channel from tomorrow at 7 am (i.e., from 11 December 2020 to 25 December 2020 ).Each day two videos will be published .one video at 7 am in the morning and second video at 7 pm in the evening. The videos which gets highest Likes will be selected winners .So. Heros do like and share the videos from tomorrow. Winners will be selected on 31 December 2020 at 5 pm and prize money will be sent instantly.

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This Post Has 35 Comments

  1. Curtis Catado

    Wow really love your content this is amazing. What is your preferred camera you use for videomaking , I'd love to have a conversation and maybe even collaborate on different ways in telling stories through film!

  2. Kiranteja Dan

    Em babai evvadu edit sarigga cheyyadu 😶 nuv eanni seasons conquer ochav evvadu pattinchukodenti 😶……. Edits bane unnai but conqueror tag ni kooda vadthe inka bauntadhi kadha 😶😶

  3. sai songoku

    Second half keka 💥🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🥳that's we need


    idhi asalu sisalaina video ante comedy full to bindass mamulga ledhu

  5. 545_ subramanyam

    Bro footage only nee channel lodhi annav eetv valladhi copyrights padava clippings unte.

  6. VSK

    Nice video ( everything in one video) op ❤️

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