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Warren Buffett: How Most People Should Invest in 2021

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Warren Buffett (CEO of Berkshire Hathaway) is the world’s most successful investor. But strangely, he doesn’t recommend his own strategy for most people. So with that said, what is Warren’s advice when it comes to investing in the stock market?


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This Post Has 27 Comments

  1. Desiree Gutierrez

    Nice video New Money, appreciate your stream on Warren Buffett's advises on How most people should invest in 2021. Any opinion on Ippei & Dan's rank and rent?

    Basically building and banking websites (that you own) that generate leads which you sell to local businesses. Went thru Ippei Kanehara's program about 11 months-ish, now I've got 9 sites creating about $10,300 coming in each month.

    My most profitable property is a dumpster rental site in Seattle, which brings me 2,500 by itself.

  2. Bradley Mazimba

    i like how he says"decades and decades and decades " – like its just weeks !!

  3. Makenna Johns

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  4. Paul Chang

    What’s nice about investing is you don’t have to swing at every pitch.The trick in investing is just to sit there and watch pitch after pitch go by and wait for the one right in your sweet spot.

  5. Timothy Griess

    I can't believe how many investors I have spoken to over the past month who expect a major crash soon. It's coming. Real estate market is beyond crazy. The price homes are selling for has created a major bubble.

  6. r m

    Not helping me. Very negative slam

  7. yolo swag

    Warren Buffet's strategy is great for creating suckers, allowing the real professionals to make money.

  8. John Godoy

    "Keep showing up" that is one of the best quotes, thank you !

  9. Raymond Jefferson

    Success is dependent on the action or steps you take to achieve it. Show me a man who doesn't have an investment and I will tell you how soon he'll go broke. Investment is building a safe haven for the future: with the right choice of investment that has at least 1% minimum risk and with an Expert guidance, profit and interest should be 💯 guaranteed.

  10. Andrew Cleverly

    The amount of time we spend believing we can't is more than enough time to learn how you can.

    -my Brain.

  11. s f2

    warren please add him on skype, he is waiting for u man


    Investing in 2021 is quite the herculean task, especially with the market up and down, I believe the best approach to counter the market ups and down and make better profit is a financial adviser.

  13. Randy Ward

    Brandi Adams has changed my financial status for the best. All thanks to my auntie who introduced her to me.

  14. Florencio Herrera

    Brandi Adams has changed my financial status for the best. all thanks to my auntie who introduced him to me.

  15. Rodolfo Correa

    Let’s say I am depositing $1000 a month into 5 companies (essentially DCA, right?). Is it better to split evenly between the 5 or make a decision each month about which ones are overvalued and which ones are undervalued? I am still investing the same amount, but not distributing evenly. Thanks!

  16. Caden Grett

    Warren buffet is pretty secretive about his stock dealings and doesn’t want people to “ride his coat tails” so I would take his word 100% although I find index funds to be a decent way of investing over long periods.

  17. Joseph Oehmke

    I love Warren Buffet, I love YouTube, this is simply the best place. I make investment researches on here and I appreciate ya'll for comments. I read YouTube comments a lot which is how i got to know (Katherine Louise Hele ), the broker that changed my financial life. Thanks y'all for the recommendations

  18. Ezenwa Prince

    Starting early is the best way of getting ahead to build wealth, investing remains a priority.

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