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Watch Jennifer Aniston's 'Friends' Co-Stars Take Turns INTERRUPTING Her ‘94 Interview

We’re digging into our ET Vault and throwing it back to 1994, our first time with Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc, Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer on the set of ‘Friends.’ Watch as a young Aniston laughs off repeated interruptions, or ‘bits’ as her co-stars call them, while desperately trying to get through an interview with our ET correspondent. It’s a good reminder of why we love and miss these ‘Friends’ so much.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 43 Comments

  1. lonelysoul

    Back when everything was so much better, i miss the 20th century, especially the 90's, i remember when friends first aired, later the hype it came with. Friends and the Spice Girls was two of the biggest 90's phenomenons, i loved being in the middle of both crazes. good times

  2. Wynn Wynn

    The interrupting was annoying and not funny

  3. WeedesiTV

    Jennifer looks stunning in this Hairstyle!

  4. imkevinjoel

    “We have no idea what gonna happen”😭💕💕

  5. angel

    Jennifer: "Ross… doesn't have that many issues"
    The script writer: hmm 🤔 let me change that

  6. Lkfwy Mod

    The coordinated actor separately spare because gas expectably pray qua a flowery cloth. unhealthy, therapeutic priest

  7. Miss Rao

    Schwimmer was soo handsome …actually so do all of em❤️❤️

  8. Baba Yaga

    Reason she didn't invited them in her wedding

  9. Jay Edylc

    I wasn't a very big fan of this show back in it's time but after seeing the current stuff on now, I think I will be looking into getting this show all over again.

  10. grimlund

    Jennifer Aniston must have been the hottest gal there during the 90:s. Holy crap, what a women.

  11. Doodl Prod.

    Can we just all agree that this is the hottest she's ever been

  12. CycolacFan

    When this was filmed most people watching wouldn’t have a clue which ones were stars and which were genuine crew.

  13. MoonDogs

    On the thumbnail she looks like Pokimane

  14. Hv Brands

    my girl phoebe look so cute 🖤 love all of them

  15. Janet Nyhus

    Who care Hollywood is soon to be done thank God.

  16. Chewnz

    Stfu they're just having fun you absolute weapons.

  17. Christopher

    They are all so cute! It must've been a blast to make this show

  18. a name

    Man. Jennifer Anniston, Lisa Kudrow and Courtney Cox. So. God. Damn. Beautiful.

    Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry before the crack – dreamboats. Even David Schwimmer was sort of attractive back then. They were so, so beautiful. Lawd.

  19. Jake Smith

    Ah…my last sitcom. I still think it's the best.

  20. S. Fisher

    Seek God. Fear God. Repent. Put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

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