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Watch 'Minari's Alan Kim DANCE on the Oscars Red Carpet

On Sunday, cameras caught 9-year-old ‘Minari’ star Alan Kim doing a cute little shimmy on the red carpet.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

#Oscars #AcademyAwards

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This Post Has 36 Comments

  1. J J

    He's actually 9 years old — why does he look like he's 6? His teeth are for an older child, but his face makes him look like he's 6. Anyway, he is an adorable kid.

  2. J J

    His last line is the best.

  3. A L

    Korean is certainly taking the entertainment world by storm…. Well done guys.. BTS Black Pink EXO and this little guy. Of course there have been many bands that have emerged and actors/actresses too – Of course my favorite American (Korean descent) is Sandra Oh and Ken Jeong anad Brian Tee… but there is a Korean actor in Grey's anatomy.. They are quite a good looking bunch. Some of the guys have very chiseled features.. Of course most of the boy bands look like out of one mold..

  4. Jung Kim

    His cuteness is not acting…
    He was born as a cute boy…
    귀여워 어쩌나…!!

  5. JO J

    Hope all the nominees and winners of 2021 Oscars be given so many opportunities to showcase their talents. They deserve it.

  6. anju

    So cute and a wonderful performance….

  7. R S

    Koreans and Americans are tied in blood. We go together

  8. Mark

    Dancing is cultural appropriation of Westafricans. Asians are not allowed to dance. This kid needs to get stopped. Twitter, The View, Ellen Denegeres. Spread the word. An appalling display of racism and intolerance.

  9. Abcilidef

    That kid deserves an Oscar nomination in supporting actor for sure.

  10. 오경희

    볼수록 멋진 앨런입니다. 말할 때 모습에 저절로 미소짓게 되네요. 훌륭한 배우로 성장하길 기대합니다. 앨런의 찐팬 입니다♡

  11. 초록비

    Except my dog. why everybody crying? hahaha

  12. izumi park


  13. tea time.

    "I'm not sure if i actually had reason to cry. I just cried" MOOD ALAN. MOOD.

  14. Rhonnel Santos

    Is it just me or He really looks like a little RM? 😁 super cute 😍💜

  15. Matt Cole

    No one cares. That's why no one watched last night.

  16. Rami Bae

    What a pretty boy!
    No, he's good looking!! :))

  17. farhahxoxo

    congratulations to alan kim for being the cutest person to ever grace the Oscars red carpet

  18. Oliver Garrick

    This boy make me smile Alan is so adorable his thom Bourne suit was everything super cute ☺❤.

  19. egon

    Alan's mom's hanbok is really hip.

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