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Watch Sharon Osbourne Get in a HEATED Debate While Defending Piers Morgan About Meghan Markle

Many social media users and celebs shared their thoughts on the heated debate that happened on Wednesday’s episode of ‘The Talk.’

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 37 Comments

  1. jukodebu

    Still dont see what is racist about saying he doesn't believe what she says

  2. Lor i

    When you try to plant the seed that someone is a racist I don't blame them for getting upset, defensive, and pissed off. Piers didn't even utter anything racist. Lying and telling the world piers is a racist. Lying that piers uttered something racist. I'd sue for character defamation. People's feelings are valid but it does not necessarily mean they are justified.

  3. mikimamus

    Do i think that Megan experienced racism ? Yes
    do i believe that Megan is representing every biracial or black people? No
    do I think she is a liar? Yes

  4. Tania Hemi

    Uip megan a evil lier love this guy he sees her fom a mile

  5. mike jones

    They sit there and say "He said things that were racit" and then when they're called out about it oh "it's nothing he said" typical.. They should be ashamed of themselves for attacking her for something one of her friends said. That wasn't even racist by the way & everybody knows that. That's why she couldn't answer the question when asked what did he say that was racist.??? She had to backtrack. Because Piers Morgan doesn't like her he's automatically racist. Such BS

  6. Mirela Barbu

    Watch Meghan's dad interview when he says that Meghan called him to tel him that she met a prince. In her interview she said that she asked her friend "is he nice?"… What a bullshit … If Meghan was concerned about Harry being nice she would have called her dad saying to him " dad I met a super nice guy". But instead she said" I met a prince" .. yeah titles don't matter for her, of course, we all know that already. She is a social climber and a Z actress, nothing more.

  7. j nome

    Morgan you’re racist! Admit it! FOX & GOP don’t hide it, neither should you.

  8. j nome

    Mary Lou & Martini, get a life!!!

  9. j nome

    Morgan is a jealous hater. She ain’t want you bro, she married a prince instead!!! Lol!

  10. James Oliver

    I honestly believe that calling someone a racist, or even insinuating it, is one of the most hurtful things that someone can do to a person who is not. Most of the people in Great Britain love their royal family in a way that most Americans simply cannot appreciate and when anyone attacks them it is very hurtful to them. The British royals are just human and have their foibles like everyone else, but they have also done so much in the way of charity work with underprivileged people of all races. Racism is borne out of ignorance and one thing the royal family is not, is ignorant. I don't think we can blame Sharon for not wanting to return to The Talk, or any former viewers who no longer care to watch the program.

  11. P C

    Piers is a racist but not because of this incident, however Meghan markle is a opportunist

  12. Blessed Kearns

    Let alone the old man is married, to say what he wants from Megan is above anyone, Peirs can easily sell your soul to the devil. He is just a nasty old Demented man, oh by the way its Freedom of speech rules.
    Piers Morgan is full of racism and everyone can see that.

  13. Blessed Kearns


  14. Susan Varghese

    piers and sharon just love to insult meghan but they cant take their own lives being under scrutiny. sharon is filthy rich at 220 million and piers has 3 homes, millions of dollars and has also been fired for lying on the job and reprimanded for misconduct. are these people pretending to be victim and matyr ? they are the abusive ones. its time the british tabloids get called out, not the royalty.

  15. KagomeMorino

    I'm confused…all he said was he didn't believe what she said…. How is that racist? It's hard as hell to even find what he said.
    I've been looking and expecting him to have said something about her skin color or her curves or something….not that he just didn't believe her….so confused?
    Does this mean when someone says they don't believe I have PTSD I can file a hate crime against them?
    Mental health is an invisible thing and most people don't know what it's like unless they experience it… I'm just super confused… Did he say something else?

  16. a k

    This is propaganda the way they have edited this short clip this is what the left do manipulate. I’m mixed raced and piers isn’t a racist. He is a man who speaks his mind as that is what strong men are supposed to do we live in a time were men are weak and women are trying to be strong men are being emasculated.

  17. K Meades

    Oprah looks like a citizen of the Capitol from the Hunger Games.

  18. KTS

    Snowflakes, if you speak your opinion your sacked, what a bunch of snowflakes we live in a society of bullies that if you speak your opinion your sacked or the race card is thrown, and this is why racism will never stop as too many use the race card too easily, it's not always about race, but too many use it

  19. ifynne1

    Anti-meghan 🤣🤣🤣🤣 what!! Noone can disbelief Meghan.

  20. peter gbrics

    When lefties like Pierce are removed,you can see that the communist speech control machine is going full steam ahead.

  21. Cathy Santos

    Its not obsession he is calling a narccist behaviour

  22. Shazad Khan

    Pierce Morgan's View About Meghan Markle as Great Actress is 100% Right

  23. Graham Killick

    I notice the hundreds of thousands of messages calling for piers reinstatement were conveniently not mentioned.

  24. Scott

    Sharon and Piers are RIGHT !!!

  25. clay Myers

    Attack on white
    ..anyone apposes woke is drug .
    Sooooo stupid
    ..I back rights for all but not attacking anyone with a voice that doesn't fit the agenda

  26. Brenda Smith

    If you knew about piers morgan former editor of the paper "News of the World" phone hacking scandal regarding " Milly Dowler" . You'll know how vile and serpent he is. Every job he has turns to ruins. Why is it that a white man who has millions only focus is Meghan Markle. The real reason is she married a better white male.
    Too bad piers, just talk about yr wife for godness sake!! Too creepy

  27. neville

    Megan Markle is a proven lier. Every day something new it is shown to be a lie.

  28. Jacob Jones

    The mainstream media (journalism) weather its TV, internet or radio are mainly run by nodding left wing bigots who wants to paint a pretty picture that they are supporting some "In Trend" racism or feminism or gay rights movement. Well they need to wake up and be more like Piers Morgan, speak WITH reason, something a lot of people in these movement's are lacking! Why should normality adjust to racism or feminism or gay rights movement when it should be the other way round!

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