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Watch Vanessa and Natalia Bryant Get TATTOOS Together

On Tuesday, Vanessa Bryant took to Instagram to document getting tattoos with her 18-year-old daughter, Natalia Bryant. Thee 38-year-old got ‘Mambacita’ tattooed on her arm, the nickname of her late daughter, Gianna Bryant. Gigi and her dad, Kobe Bryant, died in a helicopter crash in 2020.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 45 Comments

  1. IncredibleC

    Hope this tattoo artist is enjoying kobe's sloppy seconds🤢🤢

  2. Re Pure

    I can see how Kobe fell in love with Vanessa. . .God Bless you all.

    Just know we are always here for you. #Mambafamily🙏

  3. Tamar Reid

    As mother and daughter they should find better things to do than wasting time following people and getting tattoos


    It’s good to see them smiling..—amazing——…💪🏼🔥🙏🏻

  5. DaffyDuckFan

    Unfortunately from this point she will not experience the black side of her life.

  6. Latifa Jenkins

    Kobe will have never let them get tattooed she happy he gone not her daughter but Kobe I believe I never seen this girl who continue to be on social media go mourn somewhere

  7. Vee Caines

    Guys this is so special, Vanessa I admire your strength

  8. Oliver Garrick

    RIP kobe and gigi what a wonderful way to remember your dad and daughter my heart ache for them and I remember how inspiring kobe was and how inspiration his family is 🖤.

  9. Ashley Lee

    Great way to pay tribute to the handsome BLACKMAMBA KOBE AND MAMBACITA PRINCESS GIGI . Beautiful ladies. God bless yous stay 💪 💜💛🖤🏀🏀🕊🕊🙏🙏You ladies got this 🙏🙏

  10. hanunija

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  11. Kelsey Jay

    They didn’t say what the daughter got LOL was it matching?

  12. Teresa Baxter

    I am cheering for the Bryants that they know how many people are following their journey moving forward they are so blessed to have friends in their lives that are their for them. Their is a rainbow in heaven just for them. God bless their journey.

  13. isabel lind

    My gosh, Vanessa is beautiful and so are their children. But ET has to stop ending every story about them w/the same old LaLa Anthony clip…you'd think she was the only friend Vanessa has!

  14. Jeff Assassin

    RIP Kobe and Gigi what a wonderful way to remember your dad and daughter

  15. They Forever Loved Kobe and Gigi I remember Vanessa Had a Tattoo Of Everyone in Her Family Mamba Mentality Forever🤍💜🥺

  16. Cleusa Machado

    Dexe Kobi e Gianna descansar em paz, ou você está ganhando dinheiro com eles. Porque você não ajuda a sua mãe?

  17. Ms Dee

    My heart aches for them. I admire how inspirational Kobe was and how inspirational his family will be🖤

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