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What even IS YouTube's trending page at this point?

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This Post Has 39 Comments

  1. Kavinth

    the only times i ended up watching something on trending is pewdiepie- and that was nearly a year back

  2. Rebeca Russell

    Fun fact. Hello fresh sends you the recipe on a heavy sheet of paper. I save them in a binder so I can go back and remake ones I liked on my own. The paper has the ingredients lost, prep time, step by step written instructions, and a picture of what the whole meal would look like. And normally is a main course and two sides. 😊

  3. Kayleigh Sheeran

    Bruh hello fresh is gonna take over the grocery industry I see ads EVERYWHERE

  4. Jolinda Yopp

    Youforgot to add how much sniper wolf is pushed on the trending page

  5. Alexa C

    First of all: why is the trending page filled with pregnancy announcements?
    Secondly: why does the trending page consist mostly of people I do not care about/people I have never even heard of

  6. SadeN

    Jesus fucking christ I hate the internet

  7. Emily Hueg

    I love the background – can you put it for sale? ✨

  8. Ayish Face

    I tried to click to watch and it said unsubscribe? and my heart stopped

  9. J3on_Xook

    The voice over sounds like the powerpuffgirls man

  10. mixture mix

    Wait, doesnt he know what the British royal family is?

  11. Faith Harris

    Tiktokers: become singers, youtubers, hosts

  12. Grady Broyles

    Your deep-dive videos are fantastic. The influencer one is so good it need to become college teaching material. I'm not even surprised that the 10 minute ones seem short to you.

  13. Ana Banana

    I used your Hello Fresh code! Excited to try it out for the first time this week and even happier that I was able to support your channel while doing so. Love your content! X

  14. L B

    I have never seen this vlog couple. I died.

  15. Sahara

    i don't think i've watched a video from the trending page in 3 years

  16. Faith

    I never look at the trending page. I forget it even exists.

  17. Sarah Walsh

    The first video in nearly two years to break then ten minute chain 😫🤚

  18. Spoody

    On the ad read it said the number of people on that site was 2… D’Angelo we are on the case

  19. Vegeta

    anybody know the music playing in the background?

  20. Eldy

    Dangelo lives in a world where the UK doesnt exist lmaooo

  21. Cindy Ashley

    D'Angelo has the leveled self esteem that most people wish they had. Love yourself. Be proud of yourself. Have a relationship with yourself.

  22. Stacinator777

    YouTube does not make it easy to browse channels. It takes months to find the gems.

  23. Luffy's Fan

    Ah! No, I see you, don't think that no one noticed. I see you going to check how long the videos are.

  24. Le'mar Moore

    The “ ‘I died in the living room prank on wife.’ ” for the Royal family……D’Angelo don’t miss.

  25. jess

    i know it was a joke but i would absolutely watch u playing minecraft

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