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What happened to Lola Bunny

Lola Bunny has undergone some changes in her appearance because of decisions made by the film’s director, Malcolm D. Lee. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Lee said he was caught off guard by the “very sexualized” depiction of Lola Bunny. So he and the crew behind the film decided to “rework” her appearance.





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This Post Has 20 Comments

  1. Alteori

    GUYS! She isn't LOLA anymore. She is LOLI. ( 矷簞 矷簞)

  2. CODE TRON 1.1

    THANK YOU very much I love your whole video. That's the exact thing why I m so mad about the Change of Lola bunny. I both mad about the reason cuz Strong women doesn't mean: HEY LETS MAKE LOLA ON OF THOSE LOLITA ANIME GIRLS. I dont know what they thought everything bigger than cup A and reminds us to a Hourglass figur is a No go so stupid. It is a soo stupid and the problem is I m 99% sure of it that the Next target will be Jessica Rabbit唐唐. A Woman can be strong willed and Have a damn body but why censor it I mean ok there was a Catwalk some sexy music but that was Lola charm looking damn good to drool but fisty and Hard to Get. One more thing is the 2021 thing why must every single person when they want to prove their point always take the Year as A Excuse next time if I want to say something then I will use it to like for example: I can say everything what I want, when I want and How I want cuz……cuz …its 2021不不不不不

  3. Eirao Laska

    Her new outfit is all they "needed" to do to make her less sexualized. I actually really like the baggy outfit she's wearing in the new one. Changing her body was unnecessary. It's not offensive for a woman to…fucking look like a woman.

  4. Destiny G

    Omg I love you…. you have all the same opinions that I have and Im sorry but youre so fucking funny 歹

  5. Diver Dhal

    feminism ; take away what makes you feminine to make you look like a man for equality

  6. Colored BANDAGES

    It seems like you're complaining just to complain. it's been years since the first movie came out, animated characters can change over time. YOU SIMP

  7. light

    She's evolving,just backwards

  8. Dusty Jones

    I love your rant so much this is so fucking ridiculous the first time I saw a space jam back 15 years ago I believe I saw Lola Bunny for the first time and I just immediately fell in love what they did to her now is unforgivable fuck that director I stand by my opinion.

  9. LeChat

    It's just cancel culture in a nutshell. They could have used Pepe to turn things around into a positive message but it's easier not to think too much and just delete it. It's pretty much the same for Lola. she could have been a team leader, a strong female figure with an important role AND have shape. You know, like a lot of women have breasts and thighs… Sexualizing her depends on how the movie portrays her in terms of character and scenario. They could have played on it again to carry a message of tolerance like "my body my choice, I'm free to be who I want, dress as I want…" and now it's like being sexy… not even that… being a woman is a crime. But, hey, it's Hollywood. We level things down. Nowadays movies are supposed to be entertaining, not make you think. It's supposed to have a simple scenario just to cash in, not to educate…

  10. John O.

    you know what a strong, capable and independent woman looks like? basically? … a man…
    this is what happens when you "believe" in feminism but dont actually understand it and merely virtue signal about it. performative "wokeness" with no real substance.

    but hey, i for one welcome our new Loli Bunny overlord. the furry and loli community will alter the entire world's economy to get merch of her..

  11. I'd say that conservative moms and some feminists got together over their sons lust for Lola Bunny and her body and decided to file a report against WB calling Lola a sexual discrimination against women and WB sexist. That's why Lola now has a boy's body and not a girl's while dressing up as a tomboy. R.I.P. Previous version of Lola Bunny!

  12. Psycopathicus

    I don't remember particularly liking Lola Bunny back in the day, but I do agree there is no point in flattening out her lady-bits. Taking into account that she's, y'know, a humanoid cartoon rabbit, she's got a relatively normal female physique – I think the joke in 'Space Jam' wasn't really that she was supposed to be so insanely hot; it was more the Looney Tunes going 'holy crap, a GIRL! We've NEVER seen one of those, except for Granny, and she doesn't count!' (Mind you, a lot of people apparently DID think she was insanely hot, so – what do I know.)

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