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What is trakAxPC? Video Editing Software Made Easy For Everyone. – trakAxPC offers a professional-standard studio for Windows® desktops that enables the rapid creation of music and video content in an easy and fun environment.

Building on popularity of the free to use trakAxPC application, trakAxPC 4 introduces a huge range of new features and functionality, including one-click upload to YouTube (with support for YouTube HD), instant file conversion, Video Credits and Text, automatic crossfading for quick mixes, collaging (Picture-in-Picture), and support for all popular file formats such as AVCHD, .MOV, MPEG-4 / H.264, AAC, MP3, etc.

The goal of traxAxPC is to empower the average PC user to create professional-level content to share with family, friends, and beyond. Whether you want to create a YouTube HD video to share with the world, video presentation for your small business or a DJ set for your next house party, trakAxPC has all the features you need.

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  1. Hi firstly thanks for purchasing trakaxpc. Are you using the same files. Please try and close down and re-open the applciation. Hopefully this will solve the issue you are having. If you still have this issue, please contact me at cormac(at)trakax(dot)com and I will get a solution for you quickly. Best regards cormac

  2. It sounds like your aspect ratio of your original file could be 4:3 and you are exporting your mix to Youtube HD which is 16:9. If your original file is 4:3 640×480 you will get pillars on the side of your video. What aspect ratio is your original file?

  3. Hey, thanks for the post. Yes, you can edit and mix captured gaming footage from programs such as Fraps, Elgato Game Capture HD etc., and upload them to YouTube. You can also use trakAxPC to convert files to many different file formats such as MP4, M4A, AVI, WMV, WAV, etc. (if you type "trakAxPC" and "Gaming" into YouTube search bar, you'll find lots of gaming videos made with trakAxPC. Also, check out "EscoBlades" channel who creates videos for Machinima using trakAxPC). I hope this helps.

  4. Hi – thanks for the message. You can edit and mix all your audio files with trakAxPC. You can try trakAxPC free for 15 days – please see our website for more. Thanks!

  5. Hi rAiNb0wGyAI, I would recommend re-starting your computer and then try to download the application again. It sounds like your computer may have a file in the cache which it tried to previously download but didn't. Please let us know if you able to download the app after the restart. Thanks.

  6. Yes, i have seen it, but how do i make my normal sized video thin and slim, so i can have two playoing at top of each other and still take up the whole video? Sort of like two player on a video game.

  7. Hi, yes trakAxPC can do this. To learn how to do this please search YouTube: trakAxPC – Collage Feature. Hope this helps and please contact us at trakax(dot)com if you need any more help. Thanks

  8. Hi i want to make a split screen video, sort as two vids playing at once, But i want it to be looking like a two player video game, sort of like two long slim widescreen videos. How do i do it?

  9. Hey, I'm thinking of making videos a capella. Since I'm singing all the parts, I want to record those videos and put them in one screen. Can this software put 3 or 4 vids in one screen?

  10. @kneesox4ever Yes you can. Do a search in youtube using the words "trakaxPC and Credits". This video will show you how to use credits in trakAxPC. Cheers CB

  11. @startupbuildervideos Thanks for query. First and foremost, our editing software is aimed beginners/novices so we wanted to create a video to highlight the different features and functionality available in our multimedia editing software and provide our customers with ideas on how they could use our software, be it for fun, work and everyday life. We created all the content bar a few photos in this video and is how we envisage some our users will possibly use this product. I hope this helps.

  12. @MrPlaystationboy Hey, to add a greyish tone to your video, you can click on the video brightness icon and introduce a brightness envelope which can be located in the track name. You may also introduce a "Monochrome" video effect to add a greyish tone. Right-click on the video or image, select "Video Effects" and choose "Monochrome" from the drop down menu. You can alter the effects envelope to achieve the look you want. I hope this helps

  13. @MrPlaystationboy Hi, yes you can keep the free version forever. After the 30 day free trial some the Pro features are disabled and you can continue to use in free mode. Visit our website to learn more. You are able to adjust the brightness of videos and photos, however could you explain further what you mean by colour correction?

  14. @PhotographersOnUTube @PhotographersOnUTube Hi, from you your description of what you want to do, yes trakAxPC can do this. Please try the 30 day free trial with all the features before you buy so you try the application and see if it fits you needs before you purchase. Click on the download free button on the homepage. You can also contact us on our forum at trakAx(dot)com. Best regards CB.

  15. @WoahlyCow trakAxPC does not currently support chroma-key, please visit our site trakax . com to learn more about the features within the application.

  16. I downloaded the free version and even it works great! I haven't uploaded any videos with it yet, but I definetly will soon! Before I got this the only thing could use was windows movie maker and that is just a piece of crap!

  17. @xMyChemicalPoptartx Before buying, you can trial the software for free for 30 days to make sure it fits your needs. After the 30 day free trial has expired the software reverts to free version. At the moment, the current price for users is $24.95, however with upgrades due very shortly, the price may rise as some extra codecs increase our license fees. However, if you purchase the software now, the next major update will be free to all current users who have purchased.

  18. @SuperPSTutorials thanks for the feedback. Just to let you know, in our upcoming release, we now have in-track parsing, which means that you can load multiple files without having to wait for them to parse before starting the editing process. Please see our blog for more info on this new release. Thanks!

  19. I don't get it in software like adobe premier I can't even watch the video whilst editing without letting it load first, which takes agessssss!

    this software has got to be the only software that can edit 1080p res videos, without stutter, it's soo smooth, I don't get why you guys aren't big in the video editing industry,

  20. @MYOLcrew04 After the 30 day trial has ended some features will be disabled including MP4 support and the application will revert to free mode where you can still work with WMV's, MPG's and AVI's. Go to our download page on our site to see the difference between the free version and pro paid version. Best regards CB

  21. @NorwayHack hey – the entire video was created with trakAxPC. Hope this helps – any other questions, please drop us a line at any stage.

  22. @FIZZTRIX Hi, yes trakAxPC does contain many video effects and transitions. You are also able to edit audio and photos within the software. You can download trakAxPC and use all the features for 30 days, after which some of the key features are disabled and you can continue to use the software in a free mode.

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