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When Calls the Heart Cast REACT to Nathan Admitting He's IN LOVE With Elizabeth

‘When Calls the Heart’ stars Erin Krakow, Kevin McGarry and Chris McNally open up to ET’s Deidre Behar about the ‘heartbreaking’ scene where Mountie Nathan Grant professes his love to Elizabeth Thornton. Krakow and McGarry explain how they approached filming such an emotional scene, and shed light on their characters’ mindsets during that tense moment. McNally shares his reaction to the scene and reveals what romantic moments lie ahead for his character, Lucas, in his quest to court Elizabeth. ‘When Calls the Heart’ airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Hallmark Channel.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 32 Comments

  1. emy del


  2. Jean Carroccino

    I am upset that she won't give Nathan a chance even though she does love him-She goes to Lucas and they are not a good match.

  3. K Louise

    Lucas is handsome and I prefer him, but it's obvious she is going to end up with Nathan.

  4. Sandra Hollis

    Please do not let Nathan be killed I think Elizebeth is in love with him and he loves her but Lukus only likes the thought of having her

  5. Suzanne Martin

    Either way it goes it has to continue for another season. I can't choose, either is a great choice.

  6. C F

    I’m so sick of this story line. Make a decision and move on.

  7. Kay Reese

    I think Lucas sees her as a challenge his love is nothing like Nathan’s love. She is letting Lucas’ buttering up effect her. Not a good fit!

  8. Wendy Brown

    I was against Nathan, but as the season has gone on, I am liking him more and more. I just don't see her with Lucas, and I've really tried. I think she will end up with Nathan.

  9. Patti Smola

    Definitely team Nathan, from the beginning Lucas has been kind of shady, and I don't think she needs shady in her life

  10. Anita Zierman

    He either has to be Luu's husband on Heartland or Elizabeth's on WCTH….which is it!

  11. Kim Holden

    I am sorry, but if she chose Lucas, then LET IT GO! Why continue the BS with him later saying "I'm not giving up". Just move the F on!!!!

  12. Robyn Ott

    Am I the only one who wants her to be with Lucas???

  13. Renee Peace

    Lucas is going slow and not pushing Elizabeth. I think the way he looks at her shows his love for her he doesn’t have to say it.

  14. Renee Peace

    She has to go with Lucas they make such a cute couple.

  15. Apache Angel

    I can't stand Nathan (sorry) but I just think he's not for Elizabeth but you know this is TV so I feel like although she's now dating Lucas she'll end up with Nathan in the end I HOPE I'M WRONG..

  16. Marilyn Hart

    Lucas is the right choice. Nathan is too whiney, his niece had to tell to go after her. Please!! Lucas all the way.

  17. prettypleasevideo

    Elizabeth is still protecting her heart ❤️ from possible heartache.

    Her Choices:

    Choosing someone you like and possibly losing won’t be as painful.


    Choosing your Love interest and possibly, once again losing someone you can’t live without.

  18. carol estes

    Iam not going to watch the show anymore if she doesn't pick Nathan, 😕 i just think he's better for her, Lucas is sneaky

  19. Joanne Proesl

    I love Lucas for her something different then she had before!

  20. Alice Pahler

    I am Team Nathan. I like Lucas, but I think Nathan is a better fit. I also like the way Nathan reacts better with little Jack. As I see her struggle back and forth with these two suitors it makes me sad because there was no confusion with Jack–when she knew, she knew. He was the love of her life. And though she may love again, it won't be like it was with Jack.

  21. Liz Watson

    Team Lucus! ❤ She needs someone different other than a mountie! Love her a Lucus together!

  22. Diana Collander

    I don't think Lucas makes her heart skip a beat like Nathan does. She doesn't react the same when their hands touch or Lucas leaves a room like she does with Nathan. In one scene, when Nathan left the school house Elizabeth takes a deep breath and you can see a little shiver! That's love when a man can do that to you!

  23. Path Below

    Run Nathan Run 🏃 get away from that crazy cow. 🐄

  24. Madeleine Moyse

    Such an emotional scene. My heart breaks for Nathan 💔💔😭. Never mind Nathan, there are plenty more fish in the sea. Elizabeth will be sorry for rejecting you. Brilliant performance Kevin and Erin.

  25. Danita Powell

    This story line is being drugged out way too long. Hallmark is going to have disappointed fans either way.

  26. Jan McDermott

    I still think Lucas should be with Fiona! Not excited for Elizabeth and Lucas! 🙁

  27. Deborah Eyer

    When Fiona gave Lucas a haircut and gave her a big tip and she said "He's nice" as he left the shop. I thought that she might be a love interest for Lucas. I think her personality fits with Lucas.

  28. Wanda Ostlie

    I want Elizabeth to choose Lucas. He has risked himself so much more than Nathan, who is like a statue unable to express emotion. She would be much happier and have an amazing life with Lucas. They would be awesome together in Hope Valley building the community. Lucas loves her so much his main concern is for her happiness.  Nathan may Bea good person but not necessarily a better person than Lucas. Can you imagine going fishing on Christmas? That is Nathan’s idea of how to do Christmas?

  29. Sarah Waters

    She don't look at Lukas like she does Nathan, it's Nathan that she really loves, the eyes on him say everything,

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