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When Kim Kardashian Knew She Was 'Done for Good' With Kanye West (Source)

A source tells ET that Kim Kardashian knew her marriage to Kanye West was done following her emotional trip to Wyoming in July. The reality star visited the rapper at their family ranch following a controversial speech he delivered at a political rally in South Carolina, where he revealed that they almost terminated Kim’s pregnancy when she was expecting their eldest child, North West.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 35 Comments

  1. Ritchy050

    i feel bad for thoses kids they will be ridaquled big time i am not for a mix marriage, plus he is a certified nut case, president lol what a fool . she is wider then a ten wheeler.

  2. Anthony Njoroge

    Honestly, Kim is bowing to the Media pressure, Its detrimental to the Children.

  3. Diane Mcdermott

    I'm devastated,I've never seen Kayne so happy I'm my life since he was with kim.i don't see him making it long term with out bypolor and we should not be alone..I love Kim and she is the most beautiful wonderful woman.xxoo

  4. baysalbeats

    It‘s funny to watch how a divorce creates a Kim fans vs Kanye fans 😂

  5. Sos Sos

    She drove him NUTS ! That family is capable of making any man's fun 😂 parts shrivel up into useless prunes !

  6. 1st Name Basis

    Her next man will make her Shower 66 times to get the scent off her

  7. Come on now them kardashians sticks together!! I'm sure Yay notice it when he crossed that line of passion! Kanye knows better than us bout his hollyweird kardashian family… He better keep JESUS with him………. DMX Rest In Peace 🕊️🕊️

  8. Imhotep Nubian

    The Kardashian Kurse.. She only used Ray J to make a tape and get famous, then leaked it, then shamed everyone else for stating, she only did it for fame and fortune.. Kanye was good before her.. Kardashian Kurse

  9. misssy86

    Both attention who_es and who cares.

  10. Yet Kim is undeservedly the most famous Armenian person in the world, who Cher was also before, given how rich the history and culture of Armenians is, and how many smart and talented people there are. Nevertheless, Kim is still great, by the way, I also suffered a lot from OCD, like her, and I did a lot to almost recover, and I hope I will recover soon. Good luck to all!

  11. Mollie Ward

    they have beautiful children and loads of money they be ok . i just hope kanye gets mental health help he a great artist and bipolar not a joke kim she will go from strength to strength but some how i cant see kanye it sad never the same since his mum died his rock

  12. Laviolet Martin

    You can tell she always had to be the strong one, while he's always the emotional one.

  13. Patty Badali

    It’s sad for both of them, they really loved each other

  14. 1018miamidrive

    She settled for Ye. She truly wanted Reggie Bush but didn’t want to give up the glamorous lifestyle. Reggie wanted a wife not all about imagine and Hollywood so they split.

    Ye was into Kim more than she was into him. The kids are a positive they can look at they created together but, this was doomed from day one.

  15. A A

    They definitely loved each other and Kim was a supportive wife but sometimes you can only do so much.

  16. Friki Grom

    Just the same way I saw testimony of how Austin helped a man make -$50,000 weekly Profit I tried now am also sharing my testimony with over,$10,000 from the company thanks for the good did he has done for me for this short period of time.

  17. WhatJoshHasToSay

    #TeamKanye I love Kim too…the new Kim that's making big moves! Beautiful family. I pray God to restore and heal them.

  18. siby mathew

    How convenient to call him bipolar for being open. And also coming to Christ. clap hands at people who support Hollywierd

  19. BS17

    What’s up with these multi millionaires wanting to kill their own babies? They have family support, support from many other people and the means financially fir sure to have their children. So what the hell?!

  20. Krafty Karrizzma

    Um we all knew this marriage was doomed before it happened. Whatever. Don't care.


    that kims like a robot sounds like one too ,kayne real sees the bull shit and the fake
    looks like he almost saved her from flashing lights and cameras

  22. Jessy Jean

    He looks high as shit in every video I've sen of him lately. Hope he gets some help.

  23. Tonya Krumm

    Kimmie, I just watched this, I try not to go on social media when I hear things about yall, but when u heard yall was really splitting up, well I watch about 6 min of this, I give u so much admiration and respect, u could of gone on here and just rant and ragged, WITH ALL RIGHT!!! BUT sweetness u kept it together and didn't lash out… so very proud of u cause when ppl do this ,then get back together,,,MAYBE, (IN YOUR CASE ) I DON'T THINK YOU WILL…Butvit makes ppl lose respect for u, so again, idk if ppk even gave u praise, cause I've not read any crap, AFTER THE TRISTAN AND KHLOE INSIDENT…Keep your head up, kids get mixed emotions, so just go with the flow,,but heck ,no need in telling you!!!! U got this!!!!

  24. Angelle Hovey

    He’s genuine and good unlike you Kim whom slaughters people to death in murder in any way including sheer violence to eradicate anyone in the way if you making money for your real career: over a trillion dollars in medical surgeries to always look a certain way to the masses in Selfies.

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