Which Is Better After Effects or Premiere Pro?

Which Is Better After Effects or Premiere Pro?

What is the difference between Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects?

  • Should you edit your videos in Premiere Pro or After Effects?
  • Can I just use After Effects to edit my videos?

These are common questions I get from new video creators. Adobe Premiere Pro & Adobe After Effects are like Word and Excel – made by the same company, but for different purposes. Plus, you can use them together!

Here is the difference between Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects – and what program you should be using.

Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Premiere Pro is a video editing program. It’s key functionality is to edit video clips together. Whether this is an interview with bRoll, a narrative film, a music video, or any other type of video – Premiere Pro is the program for this.
  • Premiere Pro has lots of other functionalities like adding text and transitions, editing audio and adding effects.
  • Premiere Pro’s timeline is better than After Effects for editing video and audio together. Trimming clips and moving them around your timeline is a lot easier to use than After Effects timeline (for video editing purposes).

Adobe After Effects

  • After Effects is a digital motion graphics, visual effects and compositing software.
  • For titles, shapes, 2D animations, adding special effects, After Effects is your tool.
  • While you can create motion in text, images, and any other layer in Adobe Premiere Pro – it is a lot easier to do in After Effects.

Does this make sense? So basically if you are editing a video – use Adobe Premiere Pro. If you’re making title sequences, motion graphics, or adding advanced effects to your video, us After Effects.

Why do I use both Premiere Pro AND After Effects?

It may be obvious, but many video projects require the use of both Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. In fact, I use both in 90% of my projects nowadays.

I’ll edit video in Premiere Pro and then add titles using After Effects. I’ll edit the audio in Premiere Pro and then use After Effects to create a motion graphic of something in the video.

Using Adobe Dynamic Link, I can use both programs at the same time. They talk to each other – so clips within Premiere Pro can be easily edited in After Effects without exporting and reexporting.

Recently, Adobe Premiere Pro added the Essential Graphics Panel, which is a new way to create titles. This makes it easier than ever to create After Effects quality graphics right within Premiere Pro.

Still, After Effects is the best option for complicated motion graphics and visual effects.

Get Started with Premiere Pro and After Effects

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