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White Balance – Nikon and Canon photography tips for beginners.

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How to adjust your cameras White Balance on Nikon and Canon cameras for more realistic looking colours or effect either in camera or using Lightroom.

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This Post Has 27 Comments

  1. Steven Alcock

    Paul just a bridge camera can I still use Lightroom as a!all my shots are j peg

  2. Yas Hu

    Thanks Paul for these great and simple info. I just started learning this week and luckily found your channel.
    Do you have any recommendations for video editing apps? To be beginners friendly and below 10$ monthly?

  3. robert jp

    Great channel. Really useful for beginners

  4. Johnny Vagabond

    These tutorials have been an absolute God send for me. I have learned more watching them during lockdown than from any book. I bought a Canon EOS last year and found it a bit complicated to use, they have really opened my eyes to the possibilities of my camera. Thanks Paul

  5. Magdy Roufail

    An excellent video, I was for a long time struggling with the orange effect photographing at night, Thank you.

  6. You consistently have the best tutorial videos. You explain everything so clearly and simply.

  7. rose dowe

    thank you this was very helpful as i am starting to photograph more sunsets with my new 18 -400 Tamron lens …

  8. Mykel Knight

    Hello. Just subscribed! Watched your video on Sports shooting. Extremely helpful! ? Thank you so much

  9. Ravi Chandran

    Nice video…
    Is it possible to adjust Kelvin WB in D3400? In D7200, I saw it changing Kelvin WB. Is this feature available in D3400? If possible, how to change.

    How to use preset WB? One tutorial video please sir.

  10. mdk1983

    As always, you make everything look so simple. Even a beginner can understand every bit of it. Thanks a lot for such efforts Paul.

  11. Jim S.

    Hi! I was wondering how you display your exposure meter during live view for the Nikon?

  12. Tonya Hebert

    Thank you, you’ve help me to understand so much about photography and my canon 70D camera. One question, What monitor is best for editing?

  13. soupdragon12345

    Interesting video, for a beginner would you recommend Lightroom or photoshop? Thanks in advance.

  14. Suz /

    Im learning so much on your videos much more than my camera course

  15. Suz /

    Im looking to buy Lightroom any suggestions I have heard the annual fee is £95 in UK ?

  16. donna holt

    I like your programs. You make it so clear! I can understand you!!!

  17. A Little Rustee

    Awesome! So helpful! Can you do a video on features the dslr camera offer that we may overlook but can be extremely useful? I recently purchased a Nikon d3400 and love it, your videos have been great and have really helped me, also tips for weddings, dancing ect?

  18. prasanna Shetty

    Nice video looking forward for more of such videos to increase my photography knowledge…

  19. Jacob Roberts

    Paul, I like the way you tell us what you are going to cover at 0:11. This tells us exactly what you are going to cover and sets our expectation?. You also present this clearly and concisely.

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