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Why Jessica Simpson Won’t Watch the Britney Spears Documentary

On Friday, Jessica Simpson appeared on ‘Tamron Hall’ and explained why she won’t watch ‘Framing Britney Spears.’ Jessica, who is married and shares three children with Eric Johnson, also opened up about her ex, John Mayer. In her 2020 memoir, ‘Open Book,’ the singer explains that the two split after he told ‘Playboy’ she was ‘sexual napalm.’ But on Friday, she said she doesn’t need an apology from him anymore.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 33 Comments

  1. Sarah Wilkens

    Not trying to bully or be a jerk but damn. This isn’t normal

  2. Gio

    Sound like drunk

  3. Ashley S

    Sooo….Justin had to apologize to Britney for how she was treated….but John gets a pass!?!?! NOOOO!!!! I don’t think so!!!!

  4. Yvette Cadeau

    You guys she's not on drugs she's just ditzy lol I love Jess Simpson. ❤

  5. Lukus Cannon

    I've always thought Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson could pass as sisters even think both of them others could pass a siblings as well

  6. Shelter Two

    What Justin did to Britney is a little different than what John did to Jessica. Justin literally triggered a PR shitstorm that ultimately played a role in getting her under a conservatorship. Why would Jessica want an apology? She’s free. Nobody is around policing her every move.

  7. Jk T

    She’s twitching and looks completely out of it, I hope she’s alright as well..

  8. Twilight moon

    Just an observation. Jessica either on a substance or she freshly got her lips done as she having difficulty speaking those lips r over done. I do feel that Brittany deserves out of the clutches of her own father she's a grown woman that should be able to by whatever she wants and not paying her dad a dime its all about money and a handler

  9. Leslie A.

    I love JS she’s definitely come on top. I mean I guess if you want lip injections and can afford it do it but why change your natural way just saying. She’s gorgeous, regardless.

  10. King Linus

    Jessica Simpson is so annoying. She had to get her lips done.

  11. Lisa Pollitt

    She probably popped a xanax before the interview cuz as she states in the interview EVERYONE JUDGES & SCRUTINIZES EVERYTHING THEY DO. (Read: this entire comment section as proof) You all act as if the girl looks like a train wreck. Put your loser asses in the public eye for a month youd never be able to take the heat. Ppl are unbelievable. No wonder they hate being celebs.

  12. Michelle Evans

    Jessica , she can't even talk she sounds like she gave a curling iron a bj.

  13. Bonnie Marie

    I'm proud of her for telling her story. Nothing will change if we don't all share our stories.

  14. Jessica and britney were two of the most beautiful pop stars back then. Christina had nothing on them

  15. Nicole Jennings

    Are we serious right now? With everything going on with the world in a pandemic we give a shit what show other people are watching???

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