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Why Prince William is 'DEVASTATED' by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Interview With Oprah

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Royal expert Katie Nicholl reveals to ET that Prince William has definitely been affected by his brother, Prince Harry’s, bombshell Oprah Winfrey interview alongside his wife, Megan Markle, that aired on Sunday on CBS. Harry made shocking comments about his family, including that he felt Will and their father, Prince Charles, were “trapped” in the royal institution. Megan also claimed that Will’s wife, Kate Middleton, made her cry around the time of her wedding to Harry, though Kate later apologized and gave her flowers.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 22 Comments

  1. Emma B

    Are we seriously discussing who made whom cry over dresses? This is asinine.

  2. Renee & Vic

    So prince William is Devastated over a interview? He should be devastated that he cheated on his wife while she was pregnant.

  3. r

    I am not British so I don't know much about Royal family… I am just surprised that royal members can marry foreigner.
    They should keep their blood pure British.

  4. TL

    Harry and Meghan as so jellous of Kate and William it’s pathetic

  5. Margaret Day

    Opera you should be very proud of yourself, creating this cheap and low interview to make Meghan Markle feels good about her lies, manipulations and deceiving and the garbage she came up with. You know there is nothing about racist, the royal family welcome her and loved her, but Meghan went with a plan to change everything and she had to be the star, knowing so well the life of the royal family. Everyone of this family went through so much, but they kept it to them selves and held their head up. They did not trash the royal family, everyone in this world knows how Meghan in her sneaky way manipulated everyone and everything.

  6. DC News

    I hope Dumb and Dumber (Harry and the Meg) are happy now……if they had any class, they would be ashamed of themselves.

  7. silu

    I respected them when they stepped back from royal duties. But this interview was pathetic and more of a smear campaign.

  8. Carolyn Brown

    I think this "root if bitterness" was birthed because Meghan/Harry were fast becoming the new super stars of the royal family even outshining his brother William and Kate. After they married, they were attracting huge crowds wherever they went. William and Kate didn't have the same kind of charisma to attract huge crowds. That's when the elite British press started trying to tear Meghan down in the media. The royals knew and did not come to the defense of Megan, essentially by being silent, they sanctioned what the press berating Harry's wife. They under-estimated that Meghan would return to the USA and take Harry with her. That's why they stripped Harry of his military title to try to get him to not leave. He was hurt by this but left anyway for love.

  9. lang 1007

    who cares who cried!! that happens in life sometimes! it was just over a dress fitting, everyone keeps talking about it, and analyzing who said what, and presenting evidence, as if the person that made the other person cry was some evil killer or something. reporters take something common, and blow it into some huge controversy, just to have something to talk about. just a bunch of gossip, not real news.

  10. Precious Roberts

    To much deceit in the royal family to be in the royal family u have vomit and able to eat it back. The history of the royal family not nice only pretenders will behave as thou the royal family do nothing wrong. They dont like megan cause she's American and a Black woman. Harry you right leave them out your mom would of supported u because she to had her share and unfortunate death we miss her.

  11. Edna Suguitan

    If magan really love Harry she will not let Harry and her son be separated from the Royal family. Harry should not be dictated by her wife , he is the man and he should have the say in rolling his family, what is happening in their life now shows that Harry is ( sorry) a weakling man, can not deside on her own, he did not inherit the strength of her mother Lady Diana.
    To Harry dont turn your back on your family, Magans past life is not good, broken family have two husband and not even respect his father not to be a good example to his son, and not to be consider to be on the royal family.

  12. maria ann

    harry is protecting his wife and child. something his father failed to do. harry put family before duty. again, something his father (and apparently, his brother) failed to do

  13. SunnyD

    I don t want my tax dollars going to them

  14. Hardy KNOWS how it works, I’m sure Nutmeg has looked into it and is quite shamelessly attempting to merch the BRF, whether they like it or not !
    Trouble for Nitmeg, they saw her angle and put up all necessary road blocks, it’s NOT going to happen !
    No, HMTQ doesn’t own The word ROYAL , but WHEN Nutmeg try’s to use it
    ( YES she will)
    It will be all to obvious that it’s the BRF she’s trademarking off of and will be shut down.
    My only question is HOW. TF did they allow her to have a title and a platform ? Sure Harry can marry whomever. But the BRF DONT have to allow ANYONE a position in the firm, especially one as unqualified as Nutmeg !!!

  15. How is ANYONE falling for this ?
    Oprah has lost all credibility… she was once a champion for self EMPOWERMENT !
    Here she is celebrating and cultivating VICTIMHOOD !
    No thanks ! !

  16. Oprah didn't ask him about the swastika embossed Nazi uniform he wore to a party with the minstrel and klansman buddies in tow.

  17. Neva Telya

    I always liked him. I just pray he sees the light, and leaves this woman.

  18. "Time is a healer"…. Is it? Needs a bit more than just the passage of time. One of those cultural sayings which I grew up with too. But for true healing…forgiveness and inner freedom more than time is needed

  19. Mark Andrew Wing

    WAIT are we to feel sorry for them??? Lol, I have seen it all!!!!!!!!! Wow!!!

  20. Mark Andrew Wing

    Harry sold his soul!! This is so ridiculous!! A princess is feeling discriminated against lol WTF is wrong with people!!!

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