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Wildlife Photography Tips for Beginners | 8 USEFUL Tips & Techniques!

I give 8 USEFUL wildlife photography tips for beginners. Heck, even if you’re experienced you might find one or two of these useful!

Are you doing nature photography for beginners? Do you want bird photography tips for beginners? Follow along with wildlife photographer Rob Blight in this video as he talks about and shows wildlife photography techniques.

Sling strap:
Right angle viewfinders:

The gear I use:

Other gear I’d recommend including Sue’s smaller setup:

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This Post Has 24 Comments

  1. Rob Blight

    If you have some tips of your own, please add them in a comment!

  2. Jakob Stenbrink

    Great video! Keep doing these kinds of guides, I really enjoy them.

  3. Prash Ganendran

    Hi Rob great video and very helpful.May I please ask where in England did you see those colourful Mandarin ducks? I have seen them in Norfolk at Penthorpe wildlife park.

  4. Steve Kunder

    Great video, always looking for tips to improve my photography

  5. Very good. Not too far from my home there is a wildlife refuge that has an 8 mile gravel road. I find that you are better off photographing certain bird species from your car because it acts like a moving blind. This seems to be true with the seasonal migrating birds such as Egrets.

  6. Brian Sullivan

    Do you recommend any certain time of the day for photographing wildlife? Just wondering when you typically head out. Thanks!

  7. Sarajit Sil

    Brilliant tutorial Rob. It sums up the main tips for Bird photography.
    I am struggling with my PD sling strap. Can you let me know how you set it up?
    Thank you in advance!

  8. Dave Stokes

    Shoot in burst mode if the subject isn't likely to get spooked.

  9. Mark & Sue Parker

    If you want to take shots of birds in flight remember that most birds especially the larger ones take off into the wind. Great video Rob, can you do one on Kingfishers?

  10. Let's Go Outdoors

    Double up the shutter speed in relation to the focal length of the lens. 600MM = 1200 SS. This is at least a start to ensure you have sharp pictures.

  11. Chris Mosner

    Rob, your pictures are SO FRIGGING SHARP they blow my mind!!!!! Seriously. Sharp. My tip: be patient. Keep shooting. Keep going back. Loved tip#9 the best! <3

  12. Geoff Cooper

    Related to tip no. 3: as well as having the camera on hand, it's good to make sure your settings are roughly right for the environment you're in so that when you see something you maximise your chances of getting a decent shot straight away!

  13. Rebecca Smith

    How does that sling strap work out when you’re hiking, does it bounce around a lot of you aren’t holding it? I’m looking for a way to carry my camera while backpacking and have it ready for when I see wildlife.

  14. Great video! Another tip I would suggest is practicing on backyard birds, squirrels, etc. You can try out a bunch of different settings, shooting angles, and backgrounds. Very handy for beginners 🙂

  15. Marcin M.

    My tips: always control position of the sun. It's important for the correct exposure. Shooting at dawn and at dusk can give the best results (find more about golden hour).

  16. Daniel Freigeist

    Good video with useful information for beginners. I recommend going out early in the morning when no other people are around. Less distraction for the wildlife and more silence and nature for yourself.

  17. Joe Marano

    My tip is shoot Lumix because you reach far and its "cheap"

    Nah jokes. Shoot whatever you like and do it as much as you can then all the tips will be revealed to you. I literally go out every possible second I can!

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