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WWE Archive: Tour Items From The Rock, Bella Twins, John Cena and More! (Exclusive)

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ET gets an exclusive look inside the WWE’s archive of wrestling gear, collected throughout the decades. Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon leads the tour, showcasing items from Nikki and Brie Bella, John Cena, The Rock and more. For more insight into the treasures both found and yet to be found, tune into ‘WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures,’ which airs Sundays on A&E.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 42 Comments

  1. Real talk there archive is weak as fuck they don't have shit but that tells me they really do give everything to the fans thats pretty dope but fans wwe needs you now. Collectors wanted.

  2. Greeneggsz

    You know out of all that memorabilia and all the useless trinket crap, the most valuable is probably that raw tape of Owen Hart labeled “Do not watch” do not copy “ do not destroy” still waiting on that raw copy to be released for education purposes of the dos & donts of the wrestling business.

  3. Would have loved to see the Rock have his customized belt, but word is they didn't want to come off as copying Stone Cold…

  4. irecatori

    1:26 literally cursor in the middle of screen, sick editing guys

  5. extremeseanx

    Why does she look more and more like triple h everytime I see her

  6. I wonder what she said when the final cut of this came out and she realized the real “Word Life” hand rings were completely different from the ones she was talking about… I also can’t be the only one that cringed when she said Cena could “free flow”…

  7. Chris Ratcliff

    It's so weird to see Steph do this. This is like what we have always wanted to see from Vince. I mean let's be honest. He's the most wanted shoot interview or book or any kind of reveal of his experience putting all this together.

  8. Those Undertaker caskets were awesome !!! It seems likes those caskets are still holding inside it, a little bit of the souls of those wrestlers who had been defeated by the Undertaker in his 30 years career !!!

  9. Daniel Raynor

    After I've listened to Brett Hart's interview about the wrestling world and RVDs screw job about what's happened to them, my decision is I'm not going to be watching wrestling again, working for people who are screwing people who make them money is WRONG, and that's why they are idiot's, ***holes in the world

  10. Lynda Miles

    Did she say free flow? 😂😂😂 Freestyle Steph Freestyle


    i would watch an 1hr long version of this wwe make it happen

  12. Kroos Kontrol

    Vince is taking too long to set up a WWE Museum. Since he realllllllly loves Orlando, wouldn’t be shocked if he put it there, if this was ever were to come to fruition.

  13. Amz d

    Wwe need to open a museum imagine the amount of people that would visit. It would be a world wide tourist attraction

  14. Tu AMA

    Stephanie is still good looking !

  15. Idk if it's just me, but anyone with bright blue big eyes like that just screams "crazy"

  16. kootybear

    After watching so many people talk about wrestling, it always amazes me how each person does a 180 once they talk about Andre. No different with Steph. I saw Andre once in my life when i was about 13 years old in southern MN after they had a match in town west of us, he is larger than life

  17. Blazeeken

    I know one treasure wwe is not getting and that is Jericho's list

  18. Hucrewwhatwhat71

    “The live audience actually influences a lot of what we do in the ring” yeah but it sure as hell makes no difference in who you push lmfao

  19. John Lemon

    Stephanie is like your friends mom who is mean but also nice

  20. Diontae Daughtry

    It's good seeing her getting excited strolling down memory lane. Memories are priceless.

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