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Your Photography Path • Top Photography Tips For Beginners

Your Photography Path • Top Photography Tips For Beginners

We often think we need to make a #photography decision in this vast & overwhelming subject. What with its creative, technical, practical, personal and even emotional aspects. Over the years it has given me much, but not without my fair share of troughs / valleys / and hollows… you get my drift 😉

Here’s just a few pointers to help smooth the evolutionary curve and encourage developing #photographers toward, hopefully, a less overwhelming period of ‘the curve’ 😎 – that’s now ‘A’ thing 😉

Photography has so much to offer in terms of personal growth and #creative satisfaction, for anyone struggling to find their feet or decide which way to go.. I hope this helps & if it doesn’t, please feel free to comment or reach out at the links below.

Have fun, stay safe & keep shooting! 📷🤳🏼👍🏼


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This Post Has 3 Comments

  1. Rauri Barron

    Very good advice, will definitely take a few points away from this 🙂

  2. macca outdoors

    Some great advice.
    I agree,never choose one genre.Try it all and master each genre to your potential.Eventually your heart will tell you what genre is your calling.

    My one tip that i always get asked, is how come you seem to capture that right photograph.
    Enjoy it and dont let it frustrate you.Photography doesnt just happen over weeks,months,years its an ever adapting skill where theres always something new to learn no matter how great you are.Eventually your eyes will become the camera and everywhere you look becomes a picture and framing a photograph just becomes second nature 👍

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