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YouTube Video Editing For Beginners

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This video editing for beginners video is video one in a series that teaches you how to edit YouTube videos. This video starts with the most used “cuts” and gives examples of how you can use them so people will find your videos more interesting.

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💡 Video Notes:
Video editing requires a lot of cutting and can make a big difference on how the video turns out. The types of video editing cuts I mentioned in this video are as follows:
1. Basic/Standard cut
2. Jump cut
3. J-Cut
4. L-Cut
5. Cross cut
6. Action cut
7. Cutaway
8. Montage

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This Post Has 45 Comments

  1. brainrigours

    I always enjoy teachings from this channel, thanks admin for the knowledge. At some point in life I was confused how to effectively become great in my pursuit, one of the online mentor that helped me is from Instagram @virtual_coach747 he enabled me understand the best ways of editing my job.
    You may need his help too.

  2. Yentil Harris

    This was really creative. You got a wow from me when you were showing the different kinds of cuts.

  3. T3rraBlox

    I want to use DiVinci Resolve Pro to edit, hopefully these tips work on that too!

  4. LLsxy316

    How do people use a blue yeti microphone with a canon g7x camera? Do you plug the yeti into the laptop and use garage band to record?

  5. feyisbored

    omg am I really starting another hobby?? Excellent video. Clear and precise. Didn't have to fwd through any blah blah blah 😉

  6. Sheffladoutdoors

    Hey Nick, Do you have a link to your 1st ever YouTube video that you created? I just find it interesting how the big creator's have progressed from the start. 💪

  7. Xavier Wilson

    I'm Happy I watched this, I'm new to editing but these 4 minutes gave me more confidence!

  8. John Sottile

    Great stuff Nick. I'm trying to learn more about editing so my videos aren't embarrassing lol

  9. Pattikadu

    Iam using android phone
    Please tell me which one best

  10. Michael Larson

    I am even a little short of beginning to edit…I will be back when I can create a consistent image that I can retrieve.

  11. •Txddy Skyz•

    There is no chance that he will like my comment nor comment on this..
    Btw I really needed this thank you!

  12. Nhodzkie

    awesome info on cuts really appreciate that

  13. Kezia oyama

    oga i have look for all those thing u are mention i did not see anything…both recomendations all those thing s are not working

  14. SToN3R1 TV

    You have a straight forward approach.. Subscribed

  15. BlizzardPeak

    The only editing I’ve ever done is like combing clips in i movie, or a couple times added pictures to the screen.

    But seeing as my channel is starting to get a larger audience I should start putting more effort into my videos and edit them to make them more professional.

  16. blaze Dean

    I'm a little bit confused as I'm just a kid my passion is starting YouTube channel and I cannot figure out due to my learning disability

  17. Patia Patrisha

    Damn u so good thank you so much it's going to help my channel grow

  18. Todd Adams

    Nick, wondering how you ‘Push in’ on a frame as you mention in the video. The effect provides the easy transition you speak of but i was wondering how you actually did that effect.Thanks, Todd Adams

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