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Zendaya Is Voicing the New Lola Bunny in Space Jam: A New Legacy

Not only does Lola Bunny have a new look for Space Jam: A New Legacy, she’ll have a new voice too. Entertainment Weekly is exclusively reporting that Zendaya has been cast to voice the character in the upcoming Space Jam sequel for Warner Bros.

The news was confirmed today after the release of the first full trailer for Space Jam: A New Legacy, which indicates that the Malcolm D. Lee-directed project is going to be taking full advantage of all of the properties that are available within the extensive Warner Bros. vault. The trailer alone teases blink-and-you-miss-it moments featuring characters from such films as Mad Max: Fury Road, IT, A Clockwork Orange and more, as well as fun cameos from more towering characters like King Kong and the Iron Giant.

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  1. Some People who Dont Like Zendaya Voicing Lola Dosen have to Go crazy over it, There could have been a Reason to why Kath Soucie Didnt Agree to Voice her again, maybe something happened,But Is a Fictional Bunny Gone wrong gonna stop The Movie from Being amazing??

  2. WAIT Zendaya isn't a bunny! What the hell? Are we SERIOUSLY going to let a HUMAN voice this bunny.. SMH what has this world come to? That's how fucking stupid you all sound.

  3. OK, I didn’t have a problem with Lola Bunny’s redesign, but the fact that they replaced her original voice actress, Kath Soucie with a celebrity like Zendaya acts as further proof towards the distasteful truth of how Hollywood treats voice actors. The idea of replacing voice actors with celebrities disgusts and appalls me.

  4. What??? They already confirmed that Kath Soucie was coming back for this, and now they changed it for the sole purpose to sell the movie with one more celebrity? I'm already hating this.

  5. Some one will find a a way to not like this casting for the character. There will always be somebody, who has to complain about something.

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